BlogPaws’ Daily News Bit: Keep Your Pets Safe

As pet owners we try to do everything within our power to keep our pets safe from harm. This article is one we saw recently and we 470_2773129wanted to pass along this information on 10 insects and other creatures that are harmful to your pets.

According to the article:  Nearly every day, a frantic caller contacts the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center with a poison complaint relating to an outdoor insect or critter, often toads. As warm weather sees more dogs andcats venturing into the great outdoors, do you know what hazards are lurking in your region?

Vetstreet interviewed leading wildlife and veterinary toxicology experts who identified the most common and lethal threats to your pets as well as in what parts of the country they reside.

Read the rest here. What do you do to keep your pets safe once they start spending more time out of doors?

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