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What Are BlogPaws Ambassadors & Team Members Reading?

Ya-hoooo or is it Yee-haw! ! That is my, “Nashville, Tennessee here we come for the BlogPaws Conference Cowboy Yell!”

Before we get to the conference, though we are offering you insight into what our BlogPaws Ambassadors, Teri Thorsteinson, Aimee Beltran, Kimberly Dickerson and Melissa Clinton are reading AND now we have drawn BlogPaws Team members into the mix. Without further ado, here is what we are reading this week!

  • Felissa Elfenbein, BlogPaws’ Communication & Outreach Manager shared: This post! So much this post! Our bloggers need to read this and digest this post by Tim Ferris about how to rock a conference before coming to BlogPaws 2015!
  • Our fearless leader, Yvonne DiVita shared a post about “stream revolution.” She says, “I like the way he describes the future of web marketing in “streams”… makes sense.”
  • Another from Yvonne, who will freely admit that she doesn’t usually love tech, but she does love this post on Bark & Swagger about the top tech for dogs that was talked about at Global.shutterstock_157481339
  • Aimee Beltran says, “I would LOVE to have been on the Virgin America flight for Operation Chihuahua! They flew a bunch of ‘lucky’ Chihuahuas to the east coast to find their forever homes due to the over population of the west coast shelters. You can read more about the fun here!
  • Aimee also loves this post from Pretty Fluffy, Trends for Traveling with Dogs, is perfect timing with the BlogPaws conference juts a few months away. “My personal favorites are # 1 and # 2. What about you?”
  • Robbi Hess, Blog Manager & Senior Editor loves this post on how content marketing can fuel your business, by Chris Brogan.
  • The BlogPaws PR Manager, Carol Bryant, shared her favorite post is one in which a blogger can find free stock photos! She says, “I love this because bloggers are forever on the hunt for quality images to use on posts. My best tip is to take your own pictures; when you can’t this is a great resource:


(Photo Shutterstock: Chihuaha on a book)

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