What’s the deal with Pinterest?


By Guest Blogger, Chloe DiVita

Pinterest seems to be popping up more and more lately – in our Facebook feed, in our Twitter stream and in our Community. We're new to Pinterest, but we are (dare I say) interested.

PinterestOne such post that ran through our Facebook feed is written by Bridget Sandorford over on JeffBullas.com. She tackles "7 Ways to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business" noting that, "Pinterest has become the social media network to watch after growing over 4,000% in the last 6 months. At an average of 88.3 minutes per visitor it ranks third on engagement behind Facebook and Tumblr and well ahead of LinkedIn (16 minutes) and Google Plus (5.1 minutes)." Those stats speak for themselves! 

According to the post the 7 ways to use Pinterest to promate your business are:

1. Share Your Products

2. Add to Gifts

3. Highlight Services

4. Maximize SEO Efforts

5. Offer Added Value

6. Office Exclusive Content

7. Engage With Users

These ideas are good advice no matter what social media platform you are promoting yourself on. Read about them, apply them to Pinterest and think about how they apply in other areas of your marketing.

For the full details check out the complete post. Then, start maximizing your potential! 

6 Responses to “What’s the deal with Pinterest?”

  1. Linda Messina

    We set our Pinterest site up a few weeks ago. So far it appears to be the best combination of all of the social media marketing sites I use on a regular basis. The organization of this site is genius and I can see the ease of promotion of several ideas.

  2. JL Smith

    How do you get invited to Pinterest? I cant get on… it says you need an invite…

  3. FB Apps

    Oh dear…. “Thanks! We’ll send you an invite as soon as we can.”
    I’m thinking I might loose interest while I wait on the invitation!!
    On a side note, it struck me that the Pintrest logo looks very similar to the path.com logo! Just an observation while I wait on an invitation 🙂

  4. Celebrity Catwalk

    Thank you for sharing this-we’ve been hearing grumblings about Pinterest here & there & may actually have to ‘bite the bullet’ and sign up!

  5. Rebecca

    How do you set up a business page? I got an invite and I have a personal one, but I don’t see anywhere on how you set up one for a business…

  6. iPhone App Developer

    Thanks for the about Pinterest! I’m always interested in what other people are doing, the level of sharing that goes on amongst teachers is one of the great parts of the profession.