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International Pet Blogger Month! No Stress Tips Make Pet Blogging Easier

Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

In case you missed the exciting announcement, BlogPaws is kicking off September with International Pet
1003779_10201308651173648_1559280480_n Blogger Month. We love our pet bloggers, love what they do and embrace their causes because, well, we love everything pet!

As a pet blogger, especially if you work outside of the home, there may be times when you wonder a) how will you find time to be a pet blogger and b) what will you write about once you find the time.

I have some tips to make your blogging less stressful and your blogging time more productive. Remember, every blog post you write is available 24/7 as your online business card — even more reason to keep up with your blogging tasks, right? 

Here are my tips to make blogging easier:

  • Keep an idea notebook or use your smartphone to jot down ideas. Don't rely on your memory to grasp and hold onto an idea. If you get in the habit of keeping an idea notebook or an idea folder, you will always have a blog post topic at hand. You will also find that the more ideas you find, the more ideas will come to you. Creativity feeds creativity.
  • Write at your most productive, or creative, time. If you try to blog at 1 am after you've put in a full day at work and spending time with your two- and four-legged family members your writing will likely suffer and you will surely struggle to get your post written. If you don't know when you're the most creative, try out a few times — early morning, lunch time, after dinner, or perhaps you are most productive at 1 am — whatever time works for you make sure you grab it, mark it on your calendar and blog then. 
  • Get on a regular schedule. If you only blog occasionally then you will likely only blog occasionally. When I taught writing classes I told my students that "writers write" and in this case "bloggers blog." If you set a schedule for yourself and put it in your calendar, you will soon make blogging part of your everyday routine. 
  • Write in batches. Most blog platforms offer a calendar/schedule post option. Take advantage of that. If you can only find two hours a week to do your blogging then write as many as you can at that time, then schedule them for the rest of the week. Task done. Blogs available for your readers. Mission accomplished! 
  • Find a writing buddy (who can also serve as your editor) having a writing buddy is a great way to not only get motivation, but to have someone who will edit your blog before it goes live. Consider your writing buddy your accountability partner. You and your accountability partner can also brainstorm pet blog ideas. 
  • I've said it many times… put together an editorial calendar. Go online and look for a list of upcoming holidays, add them to your editorial calendar. Choose a monthly theme on which to blog. Take ideas from your idea notebook and add them to your editorial calendar. Believe me, having this tool removes a lot of stress when it comes to pet blogging. 

As we kick off International Pet Bloggers Month, what resources would you like to receive from us? What aspects of your blogging do you struggle with? What successes can you share? We'd love to hear! 




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