Friday Freebies for your Blog: Music from Kevin MacLeod


By Tom Collins

KevinMacLeod-Incompetech-SchemingWeasel-CoverIf you’re looking for free music to add to that cool video or slideshow you’re working on, the first place to check should be Kevin MacLeod’s site:

Kevin is a prolific composer, music score producer, and a big believer in the Creative Commons “By” license. He makes his creations available for free download, asking for credit on your production and allowing for voluntary donations. He provides an FAQ page, with details about the extensive uses he allows for free (including most commercial uses), instructions for giving him proper credit, along with the few wrinkles and exceptions.

On his site, you can browse hundreds of music pieces, some with vocals, by genre, feel, and keywords. Here’s a sample I found by clicking on the “Search by Feel” button and checking the box for “Humorous” pieces. This one is titled, Scheming Weasel, and I just had to use it in honor of our favorite ferret, Snotface, and his famous Weasel War Dance (the music isn’t very warlike, but the title is just perfect):

KevinMacLeod – Incompetech – Scheming Weasel >> Click to play

And here’s an interview with Kevin MacLeod, where you can learn about him and his approach to music, sharing, and more:

Do you use music in your blogging and social media work?

One Response to “Friday Freebies for your Blog: Music from Kevin MacLeod”

  1. Sparkle

    Kevin MacLeod’s tracks are awesome! They have graced quite a few of my YouTube videos.