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Expand Your Internet Reach: Guest Blog… Here’s How

Guest post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Picture1Guest blogging is a great way to spread the word about who you are and what you do. Guest blogging, though is an art. There is art to finding where to blog, art to crafting a query and an art to submitting your guest post in such a way as to make the blog owner happy to have you on board (think no typos, have links, follow their guidelines, and meet deadines, etc.) 

Here are my top five tips for becoming a guest blogger that a blog owner will be happy to welcome back:

  1. Know the blog and its theme. Don’t
    offer to guest post about dogs to a cat-centric site. Also, don’t offer to
    guest post on a site that promotes Brand A when you are promoting Brand B. Read
    past posts. Read the comments on the blog. Know the types of topics that are
    typically covered. Search and see if there are guidelines you can read before
    you query.

  • Be yourself. Don’t offer to guest
    post about The Best Way To Train Your Poodle, when in fact your poodle has trained
    you. Yes, I am talking about myself and my Diva Poodle Henrietta. Write on a
    topic with which you are familiar and on which you already have some authority.
    Changing your stance on a position simply to be a guest blogger dilutes your
    authority on your own blog and will alienate your readers – don’t do it.
  • Check out the blog categories then
    look for topics that aren’t heavily covered. That could be your way in if you
    can write on that category topic. Be a blogger that adds a unique twist to the
    blog itself and be one that the blog owner will welcome with open arms.
  • Paid, or not paid, a guest blog post
    still means you have to sell yourself to the blog owner. What’s in it for her?
    Yes, having guest bloggers is great for everyone, but it can be a lot of work
    for the blog owner. Make certain your experience and expertise shines through
    in your query and makes the blog owner simply have to have you! Show the blog
    owner the value you can bring to the blog. Let them know that you will be
    promoting your guest spot on your social media pages as well as linking back to
    your blog.
  • Stick to deadlines. Just as BlogPaws
    has a schedule to which we adhere, so too do other blogs. If you’re offered an
    opportunity to blog and given a deadline, you should consider that deadline a
    firm one. The blog owner is counting on you to be there when you say you’re
    going to. Believe me, word spreads fast about those bloggers that offer to
    guest post then don’t follow through once the offer is extended – don’t be one
    of them.
  • Look at being a
    guest blogger the same way you look at being a guest of any kind – be thoughtful
    and courteous so you’ll be invited back! In case you’re wondering, BlogPaws is
    always seeking queries for guest blog posts, let me know in the comments if you’re
    interested and we can talk further! 


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    2. Hi Robbi,
      Thanks for posting this informative article! If BlogPaws is still looking for guest blog posts, please let me know, would love to chat further about this.

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