BlogPaws Speaker Series: Conversations to Have With Your Vet


StevedaleBy Carol Bryant

Love me, love my pet. How many of us feel that way? But what about our pet’s veterinarian and their role in both our lives, and more importantly, that of our pet(s)?  Here is the down-low on what to talk about with your pet’s vet.

“Conversations to Have With Your Vet” is the title of a session being conducted by Dr. Terry Warren and author of one of the most well-read syndicated pet columns in the country (“My Pet World”), Chicago’s own, Steve Dale.  

We go behind the green curtain and unveil some facts and fun about Steve in our BSS (BlogPaws Speaker Series.)

BlogPaws: What Session Are You Doing at BlogPaws 2012?

Steve: Conversations with Your Vet: Where Did You Get That Info?

BP: This is your second time to BlogPaws. What do you hope folks gain from your session with Dr. Terry Warren?

Steve: Where to find credible sources, veterinarians in particular…and why ultimately if you are a blogger, you are a journalist….We'll offer examples of places to go for information. One is the Winn Feline Foundation, where I am a Board member. And another is the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation, where my co-presenter is Terry Warren, who is a Board member there. Both organizations fund studies –  for either cat or dog health and know the cutting edge veterinarians who may be able to help out. By the way, I present at veterinary, behavior and other conferences around the world. In the U.S. veterinary visits on the decline, I am happy to talk about that as well. Terry and I will be very interactive – and are there to answer questions. 

BP: What do you like about BlogPaws?

Steve: Learning and meeting new friends

BP: Where can folks learn more about you?

Steve: Twitter handle: @stevedalepets,  Blog:, National radio site: I also have a YouTube video page, and of course, a Facebook fan page.

Fun Fact Steve told BlogPaws, “I knew Lucille Ball; I worked for a short time in Borneo helping with Stevedale2field research of orangutans; I wrote for People magazine (current editor for pets at USA Weekend but that I hope people know); my blog just caught a 'bad guy' who's dog killed another dog but he got away (I ran an image of the dude taken with someone's cell phone) – received tips which I passed on to the police and one tip proved correct. “

Read all of our BSS (BlogPaws Speaker Series) below. Sign up and join us at BlogPaws, and if you can’t make it to Utah, we have livestreaming this year, too.

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