BlogPaws Gets Its Own Twitter InfoGraphic


Domesticated 363By Carol Bryant

Thanks to Jeff Bullas for sharing this fun Infographic tool. Make one for your own Twitter account.

Jeff says, “Companies like are making the creation of Infographics easy, a fun example is this free tool on their website that takes your twitter  profile and turns it into an infographic in 30 seconds.

Infographic about @BlogPaws from

3 Responses to “BlogPaws Gets Its Own Twitter InfoGraphic”

  1. caren gittleman

    too cool!! I am going to check this out right now!

  2. caren gittleman

    check out both of my blogs tomorrow!!! lol
    Linked back to you! 🙂

  3. Reba Messina

    How cool is this? Thanks Jeff Bullas for the BlogPaws Infographic. I’m going to run over and get my own too!