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BlogPaws and National Pet Chamber of Commerce


by: Carol Bryant

How cool would it be if there were a Chamber of Commerce for pet people? One that is there for pet people and those in the industry, helping to get the word out? Even cooler, what if that was a National Pet Chamber of Commerce?

Well, the National Pet Chamber of Commerce (NPCOC) does exist and they will be present at BlogPaws Salt Lake. So why join the NPCOC and what exactly are the benefits? You'll want to be sure and meet up with NPCOC founder and find this out and more.

Monica Rimada is the founder of the NPCOC. With a 15-year background in sales and marketing, she secured her Masters degree in Leadership/Entrepreneurship. With a Bachelor in Psychology and Marketing, she began the NPCOC four years ago. "I wanted to help small pet business owners, and at the same time, help people with pets have a discount from our commercial members. We have also tried to bring different organizations together for the betterment of animals everywhere," Rimada told BlogPaws.

What can folks hope to gain by joining NPCOC? Rimada shared, "We are the only Chamber working for you whether you participate at events or we push your marketing materials in our famous “Free” goody bags given out to everyone that comes to the events. All you need to do is join the chamber and get your marketing materials to us two weeks before the events." Npcoc

Bonus to everyone attending BlogPaws: The National Pet Chamber of Commerce @petchamber will be donating FREE individual memberships  to everyone that attends BlogPaws 2012!! (and this is a Pets and People membership which is normally $39.95) Woof! Meow!

For anyone who can't make it to BlogPaws and wants to be a NPCOC member, the organization has graciously agreed to donate 25% of all profifts from those who join. Just put BLOGPAWS in the referral spot on the sign-up form. That's it.

The NPCOC will have a booth at BlogPaws and are giving away goody bags, info, t-shits, and gift cards for raffling off.

So being in the pet business, what sort of non-human family members does Monica have?" I have always had pets growing up. My muse that starting me on everything to do with pets, starting with the Florida pet book and Now National Pet Chamber of Commerce, – is the love of my furry life, my best friend Louie G Pup.(Just passed away at the age 14 – he was a Chihuahua). Afterward I got Louigi Chihuahua & Rhett (Min Pin).

Where can you learn more? On Twitter at @petchamber or @Mrimada, on Facebook facebook.com/petchamber, and sign up for a membership at http://petchamberofcommerce.org.



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