Bloggers and Microbloggers: Name Your 2012 Favorite Post


BPround_bagdeBloggerby: Carol Bryant

As we share good tidings and come upon the close of one year and the launch of another, let's reflect a bit and share some blog and micro-blog traffic love.

BlogPaws cordially invites you to share your favorite blog post with link (that YOU had on YOUR blog) or your favorite Facebook/Twitter (micro-blog) post. Simply copy and paste the link or a link to a screen shot.

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Let's get the best of posts going here for all the world to see. We'll share this blog post in our next newsletter so thousands of fellow pet bloggers and microbloggers can view your "best of" moment.

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Share your favorite blog post with link (that YOU had on YOUR blog) or
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Happy Holidays!

33 Responses to “Bloggers and Microbloggers: Name Your 2012 Favorite Post”

  1. Carol Bryant

    WOW I can’t wait to catch up on some of these that I missed and will share mine soon, too.

  2. Carol Bryant

    WOW, I found some awesome blogs I hadn’t been following and now I am!

  3. MyFavPupJasmine

    Since it’s Christmas time, I like sharing Jasmine’s “Dog Saves Christmas” trick video. It never fails to make people smile. 😉 (Especially the bloopers at the end.)
    My Favorite Pup Jasmine 🙂

  4. The Scottie Mom

    Whenever I’m in need of a good laugh, I like to remember one of Mr. K’s craziest moments. So, “Attack of the Air Mattress” would have to be one of my favorites:
    However, nothing can replace the memory my two Scotties and their Scottie Dad gave me just this past weekend in “A Scottie Proposal.” Hands down, the best wedding proposal EVER!
    You can follow the rest of our silly Scottie happenings on various social media sites:
    And on Instagram, follow @thescottiemom.

  5. Intrepid Pup

    One favorite has to be “Oh Shenandoah, I Long to See You”:
    in which Intrepid Pup heads for the mountains of Shenandoah National Park and takes the trail less traveled to President Hoover’s Rapidan Camp. This post includes outdoor recreation, history, presidential dog trivia, gear recommendations, and more!
    Catch additional Intrepid Pup adventures on these channels:

  6. Natalya & Oscar the Dog

    Fun exercise!
    Our post on Oscar dog’s signature “Lazy Flop” has to be near the top… he took things to new depths of lazy low that day…
    I personally have never laughed harder than the day of the great “Carb-UNloading” (Oscar, however, has never forgiven me):
    And then there was that sidewalk wig incident… dont’ see THAT everyday!