BlogPaws Asks… You Answer!


Picture1When you're making the decision to start a blog to showcase your love of all things pet, one of the biggest decisions is: What am I going to call my blog?

Sure, looking on GoDaddy and discovering whether the domain name is available can help narrow the choices, but you need to find a blog name you love and one you can live with for years to come. Even for pet lovers and writers, your blog is your brand and you need to choose wisely. 

How did you choose your blog name? Does it have a particular significance to you? How has your blog name helped to "brand" who you are as a pet blogger? 

20 Responses to “BlogPaws Asks… You Answer!”

  1. Pamela | Something Wagging This Way Comes

    Great question. I can’t wait to read how everyone came up with their name.
    Something Wagging This Way Comes is a literary pun on something wicked this way comes (MacBeth/ Ray Bradbury). I wanted something clever and subtle and came up with it purely to amuse myself.
    The funny thing is how well it sends a message about what to expect at the blog. It’s silly but it makes you think a little bit. My blog has attracted very smart readers who make thoughtful comments. The name has turned out to be a good fit.

  2. Katie

    I started out writing about my life rescuing cats and doing TNR. These were all stories about cats who came from the street. Somehow I came up with the title “Tails from the Street” with a play on the homophone tails/tales. It has been a good fit so far, though I wonder, as I expand my writing, if it will continue to fit. I hope so, I really do like it as a title.

  3. Robbi

    I love hearing how you came up with your names for blogs. My blog, about Henrietta and Lucy (poodle and kitten) is called My Divas Dish. Henrietta is a diva of the highest order and Lucy is trying to be one. The “dish” is a play on words of their food dishes and their “dishing” on social media and life.

  4. Yvonne DiVita

    I couldn’t figure out what to call my petblog so when a friend said, “I’d call mine scratchings and sniffings,” I jumped on it. He wasn’t starting a blog anyway. The name fit and it’s served me well over the last six years.

  5. Carol Bryant

    I wanted something that signified dogs and the real life, real world and real fun and engaging situations they bring to us as people. I love the name Fido so expanded on that to “Fidose of Reality” – it is a dose of a reality with the dog involved.
    Great question!

  6. Robbi

    Lol and Yvonne, with pets there is always “scratching and sniffing” going on!
    Carol, have always loved my Fi-Dose of reality

  7. Cokie the Cat

    Well, my cat’s name is Cokie.
    I work in the film industry.
    We live on Hollywood Blvd., 5 blocks from Grauman’s Chinese, the Kodak Theatre & the Walk of Fame.
    Cokie’s not allowed outside…
    So his blog is Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider. ; )

  8. Sparkle

    My story is probably longer than it needs to be. My name is Sparkle and since my human brought me home in late 2002, the domain name was available! And she decided to call my blog Sparkle the Designer Cat because I am a breed cat, a Somali – so like you have designer brands in clothes, breed cats are designer cat brands. Also in an attempt to monetize my blog, my human wanted to cater to humans who bought high-end cat things like fully tricked out cat trees and litter box furniture. When affiliate linking was going strong in the mid-2000s, this actually worked quite well! Then my second book came out in 2010 and the publisher didn’t “get” the whole designer part of my brand and wanted to reduce my name to just “Sparkle the Cat.” My human, believing she knows absolutely everything and having me already branded, resisted somewhat. So now I tend to go with either/or (not exactly good for branding purposes)… although, like many pop stars, I think I am famous enough now to just go by Sparkle.

  9. Glogirly and Katie

    Since before we even met, my husband has gone by Gloman or Glo for short. (inspired by Glovatsky, our last name) When we married, I became Glogirl. When I decided to blog, the Glogirl domain was taken, so I opted for Glogirly…which has now become my official nickname. I love it because it’s simple, whimsical and memorble. (hopefully!) It also can lend itself to more cats and (tears) another cat when the time comes for my Katie to go to kitty heaven.
    I love marketing, branding and design…so I’ve been trying very hard to build a Glogirly brand for Katie and me. Still lots to do…but I’m happy with where it’s at. : )

  10. dawn

    Coming up with Pet Product Review for my pet product review blog was pretty easy. I wanted a name that would do good in search engine results and the dot net domain was available so I jumped on it.
    I had a hard time thinking of a name for my general pet blog and somehow afFURmation just popped into my head. It wasn’t really a name I loved, but it’s grown on me over the years.
    With my new blog I went with NEPA Pets because I want to include local topics and NEPA is the acronym/nickname for Northeast PA. People who live in NEPA know what it means when they see it so I thought it would help them know the blog was for them.

  11. Kathy

    Healing Rescue Dogs came about because I believe that dogs can change (heal) people’s lives; turn it around and people can change (heal) the lives of animals.
    “Rescue” was a deliberate nod to SEO and “dogs” is self-explanatory.
    PS I also bought the domain: Heeling Rescue Dogs because it’s very close to my first choice and, because you never know … could be a spin off blog down the road.

  12. Lisa Taron (The Pet Book Lady)

    Love reading these! I started off my blog (2007) as a way to promote my book making business and encourage peeps to celebrate their pets. But it evolved into much more over the years. I still have the name “The Pet Book Lady” but with an explanation page on my blog as to why I call myself that.
    I had someone come up to me once and say “I know you as The Pet Book Lady but I don’t know your real name” That just made my day!

  13. Pup Fan

    What a great question – I’m enjoying everyone’s answers.
    The story behind I Still Want More Puppies is a fairly simple one. As a woman of a certain age, people are always asking when I plan to have kids. My stock answer? “I just want more puppies.” 😉
    I didn’t originally think of it as a pet blog, however. You can read more about that here:

  14. Trina

    Wonderful question…
    It took me ages to think of a name for my blog. I really wanted, however it was gone. I wanted something that related to what my dog does when we travel or when she is having a good time. That was why I wanted dog feet… little paws that travel. However I also loved how she wagged her tail, and it really expresses the dog. So considering that I was in the UK…It became Wag The Dog UK.

  15. Robbi

    I love the thought that went into the names of the blogs and the ideas behind them. I will be going to check out everyone’s blogs!

  16. Colehaus Cats

    The stories behind the blog names makes me love all these blogs all the more. And those we don’t already visit, we will check out. Our blog name, Colehaus Cats, came about because we’ve always called our home Colehaus (our last name is Cole) and we’ve always, always had cats. Because we’ve always had cats, and some were quite memorable, we wanted a way to pay tribute to them all.
    We keep thinking there should be some deeper purpose or message there, but there really isn’t.

  17. Kia

    I asked family and friends…I jotted down everything that came to my head. I also asked my readers to vote on a poll on the top names that I had come up with and most voted on was “Come Wag Along”.
    My boyfriend actually helped me come up with the specific name “Come Wag Along”. I thought of “wag along” because my dog Simba is always so happy and wagging along behind me everywhere. My blog is about my life with Simba and posting things that I find that is great information, tips, or just awesome dog things in general so everyone can just come wag along with us and get to know Simba and dog things. My boyfriend said that I should make it “Come Wag Along” because it has a better ring to it. I thought it also worked as a great tagline!

  18. Audrey

    Very interesting topic!
    I was thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but I didn’t know what I should name it.
    And then it just suddenly popped in to my head. And I felt like this was the name I’ve been waiting for, short and simple.
    My name is Audrey and I don’t have a favorite breed, I love every mutt!
    So it’s Audrey’s mutts!

  19. Sonia,

    Great question, and loving reading the answers! I was looking for something cute but tough, like my dog and the big dogs I wanted to focus on. But I wasn’t coming up with anything.
    My family came to visit one rainy day and I asked them for help. We sat in my living room tossing around names. When we thought alliteration would be fun, my sister grabbed my husband’s gigantic dictionary, and the two of them poured over P words to go with “paw.” My sister saw the entry for “posse,” the domain was available, and PawPosse was born!
    I never realized how difficult it would be for people to understand over the phone though. Oops…