Bloggers are Experts in Something: Right?


Blogpaws-nosetonose-056-500x375by: Carol Bryant

As a blogger, do you consider yourself an expert resource in
anything? If you blog and expect others to take your writings and postings
seriously, then you are indeed an expert in something.

Establishing yourself (and your blog) as a go-to resource
for something gives your blog credibility, your traffic increases, and suddenly
you’re en expert in one or more areas. Hello media calling, is this ____
(insert your name here). Yet I am perplexed…

In the BlogPaws community, I pose a new question every
Monday: A Monday Musings, if you will. Very few responses thus far on this
topic in a group that is normally heavy in chatter and answers.

Perhaps some do not consider themselves an expert in something,
but if you blog, then you either:

Are an expert and just don’t recognize it

— or—

You are an expert and feel uncomfortable saying

So I thought I’d rephrase the question and get the blog sharing

  • What is your blog’s URL?
  • Do you consider yourself an expert in something
    that you blog about? If so, what?

Perhaps your blog is for fun and engagement but you never
plan to monetize. You are still an expert in something: Pomeranians perhaps?
The life a ferret?

Indeed I am about to have a Lena West moment here: we need
to own who we are and project it for others to recognize it in us.

Maybe you aren’t blogging about what you feel expert in, and
that’s fine, too. But we’re all really good at something and for many of us,
our talents and skills manifest in the form of a blog post. So what’s your

6 Responses to “Bloggers are Experts in Something: Right?”

  1. HutchAGoodLife

    I cannot say I am an expert in guinea pigs but I am an expert in the everyday life of an average guinea pig and seeing things from their point of view. Just a bit of fun really.

  2. caren gittleman

    My blogs are and
    I think my area of expertise lies in the book reviews I have done. I have had people say I should be a book reviewer..
    I have had some of the authors of books that I have reviewed on both of my blogs tell me that I gave THEM insight into their books!
    Oh and being funny….that’s my favorite…

  3. Carol Bryant

    Interesting. I truly believe we all have something expert to offer. I like what you said, Amy. You are a voice many would listen to with your guinea pig POV and info. And Caren, I think you are an expert in so much more, too. I’ve read your blogs as a follower and fan. Great commentary you received on helping authors gain book insight! Too cool!

  4. Glogirly and Katie

    I am an expert in nothing except making stuff look cool.
    If people laugh along the way, that’s all gravy.
    Katie, on the other paw, claims to be an expert at everything. Even dogs.
    ; ) Glogirly

  5. Robbi

    I agree, Carol, you need to embrace your expertise and shout it to the world… it’s the best way to get known!

  6. Karen Barnett

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