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There are so many pet-centric businesses, blogs, events, services and products out there. How do you
Clydeparker decide which to follow, buy, read, etc.? If you're like us, you want to keep your finger on the pulse of all things pets, but there sometimes aren't enough hours in a day. Truly, there are pets to be hugged and doted upon so you have to step away from the computer sometime, right? 

How do you decide what to read? Who to follow? Do you like blogs that speak about training issues with pets? Blogs that are written about a specific type of pet or breed? Do you follow blogs that offer pet product reviews or information about up and coming service providers? Are you seeking out blogs that teach you something about how to blog? Do you simply settle in and read posts that make you BOL? (bark out loud!) Also, what prompted (or what pet prompted) you to become interested in all things pet?

We'd love to hear what you're looking for when you log in. 

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  1. I like blogs with heartwarming pet stories. That is my favorite topic, but I also like training and care tips as well as cute pet pics.

  2. I am a read-a-holic. I have Word documents filled with my favorite websites and blogs. If they deal with cats or dogs, I will bookmark them. I have a variety of blogs I follow adamantly – from beginners to experts; diversity makes the world go round. 😉

  3. I follow tons of pet blogs – many are people I’ve met through BlogPaws. I generally follow them on Facebook, Twitter or G+ too. In addition, I have several Google alerts set up for news articles on various pet-related subjects. Needless to say I spend a lot of time reading every day!

  4. We follow blogs were we like the personality of the cat. We tend to be more interested in entertainment than in learning. We also like discussion topics, like this one, but we also think Deb Barnes’ topic of purebred cats was a good post for generating that sort of discussion among people who love cats. As an artist we also love seeing people create images of how they see their pets. Care tips are less interesting simply because we have worked at a vet for years and continue to maintain strong local ties to our vet as well as workers in the local pet stores and shelters. We find that their tips are very often more specific to the needs we’re looking at right then.

  5. I am with Carol Bryant on much of this.
    I follow 100s (yep, I do!) of blogs from dogs,cats and blogs that aren’t pet related.
    Some I like for information, some I just want laughs, some I want to be made to ponder…each and every one brings something and special to the party! If they didn’t, I wouldn’t be following them

  6. It’s sometimes tough to keep up with all the great stuff being posted but it is far too interesting to take a chance on missing! I try to read before I actually jump into work in the morning and then set aside time around lunch time and at the end of the day to enjoy the blogs I follow.

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