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Bigger isn’t always better with blog posts

Guest Post By Blog Manager Robbi Hess

Do you judge a book by its size? If it doesn't weigh in at at least 500 pages do you pass it by? Do you feel Book that if you have anything to say it's worth saying it in a LOT of words?

That may be good, and may work in novel format but when it comes to blog posts bigger is not necessarily better. But, series posts are great! Readers love series (as long as they know when the next post will be available for viewing, that is). If you have a blog post idea that you simply have to tell but if you can't do it in 400 words or fewer, consider doing a series. 

Blogpaws recently ran a series and the reader feedback was positive. The blogger had chosen an interesting topic, gave valuable information, gave the reader "homework" (a good thing because it gave them something to think about and work on between posts) and most of all, she ended each post with a, "stay tuned for next part on XX date." 

Keep in mind though, a series shouldn't be just a long winded monologue. Make certain you are giving the readers information that is interesting, something they can read and walk away having learned something. 

Before you decide to work on a series, come up with a killer headline, find a place in the writing that breaks easily — a cliffhanger ending as it were — and give the reader a nugget of information as to what will be coming their way in the next post. A series, done well, will keep traffic coming to your site and that is something we all strive for! 

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