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25 Things to Do After BlogPaws Conference


by Carol Bryant

Now that the 2014 BlogPaws Conference has come and gone, there are things you need to do to keep the momentum going, the contacts flowing, and the magic from the conference showing.

Here are 25 things to do, step by step. Oh, and we are receiving major positive feedback that this has been one of our best conferences to date.

25. Followup action plan:  Go through your notes while they are fresh…and legible. Put at least 3 to 5 things in action per week until you complete them all. Make them doable and achievable. Nothing puts a damper on dreams like an unchecked list.

24. Thank the brands and let them know you connected at the BlogPaws Conference. Not sure who was there or need some help getting to the various Twitter pages? Visit our conveniently located list of BlogPaws sponsors here. Some good ideas for unique thank you’s include photos of you at the brand table on Facebook, Tweeting a photo of you and/or your pet with a swag bag product, or even a brand shout out on Instagram.  Be sure to mention, @ tag, and/or hashtag the brand so you get and stay on their radar.

blogpaws 2014

23. Visit the blogs of folks you encountered at BlogPaws. Leave comments, get to know them, and build on existing relationships while forging new ones. Put the “social” in social media.

22. Stay engaged with folks you met in person and those who you didn’t get a chance to connect with face to face. Where’s the best place to do this? In the BlogPaws Community, of course. In the event you need some direction getting there, visit http://community.blogpaws.com.

21. Start saving now for BlogPaws 2015, taking place in Nashville. Don’t wait until a month before the conference and wonder why you are having a hard time getting there. Make a savings plan. If you want someone to sponsor you there, start planning and engaging now with brands. Be selective and be prepared.

20. Email the speakers you connected with or perhaps wanted to – let them know what you liked about the session and if you have any questions. Here is a complete speaker listing. https://blogpaws.com/events/conference-2014/speakers/

blogpaws 2014


19. Start an Instagram
 account and follow @BlogPaws there. We’ll follow you back.

18. Guarantee you’ll get the latest BlogPaws news as soon as it hits our “presses:”
Sign up for the BlogPaws newsletter. On the BlogPaws homepage – can’t miss it.

17. Connect on the #BlogPawsChat every Tuesday (except the 3rd Tuesday of the month) from 8 to 10 pm est.

16. Did you make a connection with someone you wish you could see more often? Skype
Video, Google Hangout or a good old fashioned phone call are great ways to stay
in touch.

15. Build a blog business plan. If you want to have something in place that is a sustainable source of income on some level, have a road map in place to get there. Not sure what a blog business plan looks like? Here is the scoop: Create a blog business plan

14. Consider building an email list. If you ever plan to promote or sell something
or want to get your blog posts to the eyes of those beyond blog visitors, this
is a great way to do it.

13. Send snail mail thank you’s. “But no one’s doing that,” right? That’s precisely
why I love to do it.

12. “Friend” people in the BlogPaws Community so you can grow your network. 
You know how you can LIKE people on Facebook? In the NING BlogPaws
Community, go to FRIENDS – Invite on the upper left menu of your profile page
and start friending!


11. If you have an event that you would like to share with your fellow BlogPaws Community members, please log in to the community and list it in the ‘events’ section. https://blogpaws.com/events/community-events/

10. Think outside the box. How can BlogPaws help you achieve your
 blogging goals? We’re always open to suggestions and hearing what you have to
say. Tell us. You can always drop us a DM on Facebook or email us, tweet us,

9. Search the BlogPaws Archives on a topic that you want more
information about: SEO, growing your blogging, getting more traffic,
monetizing, and a lot more. The search box on the BlogPaws homepage is your
launch pad.

8. Start a note exchange. Miss a session at the conference? Maybe someone took notes and you can do an exchange. Feel free to visit the BlogPaws Community to ask.

7. Do a video recap of the conference and things you learned for your readers. Try a YouTube video with images and show as well as tell.


6. Pay it Forward and share links about pet rescue groups you met. If you attended Meet the Rescues on May 9th, connect with one another and keep the networking going.

5. Grow with our Pet Blogger Network and be involved in our paid programs. Start applying and getting involved in the process.

4. Join the Pet Blogger Influencer Group in the BlogPaws Community.

3. Do a series of posts on a related topic (ex: 5 favorite products found 
at BlogPaws, 5 ways to help dogs learned at BlogPaws, 10 things 
overheard at BlogPaws, etc)

2. Like BlogPaws on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

1. Do a product synopsis post: Categories of products discovered at BlogPaws – and show the brands!

What have you done since returning from the conference????


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