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  • Active vs Passive Voice: What Are They and Which Should Bloggers Use?

    Active vs Passive Voice- What Are They and Which Should Bloggers Use-

    Any writing advice you encounter probably makes the same recommendation: Use active voice instead of passive voice. It’s a good rule… but, for those who’ve long forgotten their high school English curriculum, it can be confusing. What is active voice again? And how does active differ… read more


  • How to Blog with a Voice that Will Build Your Following

    How to Blog with a Voice that Will Build Your Following

    You know those bloggers who captivate you, no matter what the topic? That’s often because they write with a strong, likable voice. As a blogger, when you develop the right voice, your readers won’t be able to resist sharing your posts. What a great way to… read more

  • 5 Tips for Creating an Engaging Sponsored Post

    5 Tips for Creating an Engaging Sponsored Post

    Congratulations on being selected for an influencer marketing campaign! Now what? We’ve all seen those sponsored posts that read like an advertorial. Instead of the blogger you’ve come to know and love, suddenly his words sound forced and promotional, kind of like reading a press release… read more

  • How to Write Pitches Editors Can’t Ignore

    How to Write Pitches Editors Can’t Ignore

    How many times have you pitched an amazing idea to an editor, only to have it disappear into the mysterious black hole of unanswered emails? There are two important facts that every writer must in keep in mind: Editors are hungry for good pitches–content is king,… read more

  • 3 Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews

    3 Quick Tips to Writing Better Pet Product Reviews - BlogPaws.com

    Writing reviews of the products you use and try out with your pets is a great way to create a dialogue with your readers. Sharing your honest experiences on what works well and what should be avoided makes for valuable content fellow pet owners love to… read more

  • How to Sell with Story: The Art of Storytelling and Influencer Marketing

    How to Sell with Story | BlogPaws.com

    Who here loves to sell? While I can’t see you through my monitor, I can guess that nearly everyone is shaking their heads, “Nope!” Yet for those of us who work on influencer marketing campaigns, that’s essentially what we’re hired to do: Sell either the brand or… read more

  • Your Blogging Voice: The Struggle To Be Authentic

    Your Authentic Blogging Voice

    Authenticity is the cornerstone of good blogging. We build authenticity when we have a real focus. Blogging, as many of you know, is not just a thing of afternoons. Or, a pastime to while away the hours. It’s work. Even those who consider their blog a… read more

  • The Nuts and Bolts of a Good Blog Post Structure

    The nuts and bolts of blog post structure

    Do you remember learning the five-paragraph theme in freshman comp? Every essay opens with an introductory paragraph that has your thesis statement as the final sentence. Then, write three body paragraphs, each starting with a topic sentence to support your thesis and each ending with a… read more

  • 5 Common Grammar Mistakes (and How Bloggers Can Avoid Them)

    5 common grammar errors

    Consider how much of your writing goes out into the world each day. You could be working on a client project, tweeting, emailing, or updating your blog. We put a lot of words out there every single day. But here’s the thing: Our fingers fly faster… read more

  • Blog Post Writing 101

    pet bloggers use their voice in service to pets the world over

    Blog posts are, in essence, articles or stories written to educate, entertain, inform, or sometimes accuse. The content in them is most often the voice of one person – the blog owner. I have spent more than 10 years defending bloggers as writers. I have always… read more