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  • What You Need to Know about Facebook’s Branded Content Tool, aka the Handshake Tool

    What You Need to Know about Facebook's Branded Content Tool, aka the Handshake Tool

    ICYMI: The biggest news out of Facebook recently is the launch of the Branded Content Tool, also called the Handshake Tool because it looks like a handshake! This new tool impacts any influencer who works with a brand in any capacity… that even includes getting freebie… read more


  • How to Prepare Your Blog for the BlogPaws Conference

    How To Prep for A Blogger Conference like BlogPaws. (1)

    Can you believe the 2017 BlogPaws Conference is less than a month away? As you start your packing and to-do lists, don’t forget about your blog and social media. You want to have your online presence in the best shape possible before you head out to the conference.… read more

  • 8 Social Media Tips at Live Events

    Here are 8 tips for connecting on social media during a live event

    You’re about to attend a conference or live event…as in in-person, in the flesh, nose-to-nose, and face-to-face. Though you want to be networking and spending quality time talking to attendees, hobnobbing with brands, and exchanging business cards in person, a social media action plan is pivotal… read more

  • Quick Ways to Promote Blog Posts

    How and When to Promote Blog Posts After Publishing

    Writing blog posts takes time, talent, resources, effort, and research. After publishing, blog posts will hear the sounds of silence if not properly promoted. Anyone who is in the business of blogging or who wants to be, take note: This information is geared towards you. Here’s… read more

  • Use These 5 Basic Blogging Skills to Rock Instagram

    Using your basic blogging skills to rock Instagram | BlogPaws.com

    When I started my Instagram account, I had no purpose or strategy. Sure, a few people started following me, but I wasn’t building a real community there. Then I saw brands taking a big interest in the platform and realized it was taking off as a legitimate… read more

  • 10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Account and Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

    10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Pinterest Account and Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

    When Pinterest was in its infancy, the general public thought of it as a social media platform full of froufrou DIY recipes and crafts. In 2017, this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is Pinterest a place for any type of business and… read more

  • Instagram Stories Alert! Plus All the Tips You Need to Rock IG!

    How to Rock Instagram - BlogPaws.com

    Let’s dish all things IG! DYK you can use still photos as part of your IG Stories? It’s a great way to outline a blog post, give a snap of behind-the-scenes, or  engage your audience. Yes, IG Stories is an awesome platform for video, but if you… read more

  • How To Make Your Pinterest Images Rock

    How To Make Your Pinterest Images Rock

    Could your Pinterest images use a little invigorating jump start? Maybe you’ve been pinning for a while with no clear strategy, or with all the changes on Pinterest, you need someone to guide you with the best way to create a Pinterest image. There is a… read more

  • How to Create Video Content for Brands on Instagram

    How to Create Video Content for Brands on Instagram | BlogPaws.com

    If you are familiar with the pet world on Instagram, you have probably come in contact with quite a few animals recommending some of their favorite products. Sometimes these product reviews–paid, complimentary, or just for fun–can be a little on the dull side: a fake smile… read more

  • How To Get More Followers on Instagram

    How to gain more Instagram followers

    Instagram was one of the hottest social media platforms of 2016, and 2017 shows no signs of slowing in the Insta-Space. We are often asked how to get more followers on Instagram. Dispensing advice such as “engage with other Instagrammers” is common sense, and we are… read more