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  • 5 Ways Pet Bloggers Can Avoid Burnout

    5 Ways Pet Bloggers Can Avoid Burnout - BlogPaws.com

    When I first saw Carol Bryant’s post, “Are Traditional Blogs Dying?” here on BlogPaws, I was worried, and knew I had to read it immediately. I had already been concerned that perhaps blogs were going to become a thing of the past, as I saw many… read more


  • 5 Ways to Blog Like an Entrepreneur

    5 Ways to Blog Like an Entrepreneur - BlogPaws.com

    You want your blog to be treated like a business. That means you’re growing an engaged audience, and you’re appealing to brands. But, if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve lost momentum, how do you hit that professional level? Blog like an entrepreneur! Entrepreneurs create and grow… read more

  • How to Be Creative Instantly

    How to Be Creative Instantly - BlogPaws.com

    When I taught writing to college freshmen, almost every incoming student said the same thing: “I can’t write.” Why? The inevitable answer: “Because I’m not creative.” I hear this from bloggers, too. “I wish I could X, but I’m not creative enough.” Friends, I’m here to tell… read more

  • 5 Posts to Read This Weekend to Learn How to Make Money Blogging

    5 Posts to Read This Weekend to Learn How to Make Money Blogging- BlogPaws.com

    The number one question we at BlogPaws get asked time and again is: How can I make money with my blog? There’s no one way, nor is there a overnight-sensation method of earning an income with your blog. Instead, it takes consistent effort to create and… read more

  • How to Gain More Blog Traffic By Updating Older Blog Posts

    New Traffic for Older Blog Posts

    Everything old is new again, and this is certainly the case when updating older blog posts. New readers find your blog on a regular basis and sometimes, even your loyal followers miss a post or two. You can actually gain more blog traffic with content you… read more

  • Blog Comments: Are You Using Them to Grow Your Blog and Build Your Brand?

    Blog Comments- Are You Using Them to Grow Your Blog and Build Your Brand-- BlogPaws.com

    Comments: We all get them… or, at least, we all want them! Sure, it’s exciting to get lots of comments on a post, especially if they’re positive, but comments are an often-overlooked aspect of the big blogging picture. Comments serve as a metric for the overall impact… read more

  • 21 Headline Formulas That Work

    21 Headline Formulas That Work - BlogPaws.com

    Which came first: the headline or the blog post? Do you turn your ideas into a full blog post first? Or do you write a headline first that then inspires your blog post? Neither way is right or better, but sometimes bloggers overlook the power of… read more

  • How to Write Click-Worthy Headlines in 3 Easy Steps

    How to Write Blog Post Headlines That Get the Click | BlogPaws.com

    No matter how brilliant your writing, or how gorgeous your photography, unless you grab a reader’s attention with a catchy, click-worthy headline, you won’t capture new readers. Plus, effective post titles are infinitely more shareable. There are a few ways to refine and master the headline-writing… read more

  • The Mechanics of Hosting a Blog Giveaway

    The mechanics of hosting a giveaway | BlogPaws.com

    Bloggers host giveaways on their websites for a variety of reasons: increasing blog traffic and providing readers the opportunity to try products you have enjoyed using are two. Having a well-established plan for orchestrating a giveaway will help you to feel more confident and will help… read more

  • 5 Things Every Blog Post Needs: Don’t Click Publish Without Them!

    5 Things Every Blog Post Needs | BlogPaws.com

    What do you include in every single blog post? Every blog and every blogger is unique, of course. However, regardless of your blog’s topic, market, or audience, every post should have the same handful of inclusions. That doesn’t mean every post is formulaic. It does mean that… read more