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  • 15 Creative Hacks for Coming up With Blog Ideas (Even When Your Brain is Fried)

    15 Creative Hacks for Coming up With Blog Ideas (Even When Your Brain is Fried)

    Why is that sometimes you’re bursting with more amazing ideas than you can even contain, and at others you can’t come up with an original thought to save your life? The secret to having a constant arsenal of fresh ideas is to make your life your… read more


  • 5 Business Tips I Learned From My Pug

    5 Business Tips I Learned From My Pug

    As adoring pet parents, we love to think that our furry companions hold the keys to greater wisdom—if only they could talk. To be honest, when I look into my pug’s eyes, I’m pretty sure most of what goes on inside his head is circus music… read more

  • How to Crush Overwhelm, with the Author of The Joy Plan

    How to Crush Overwhelm

    When you’re a blogger, you have to churn. You’re churning out content, marketing copy, pitch emails, comments, and so much more. A lot of times what started out as a passion can slip into a source of overwhelm along the way, especially if you’re successful at… read more

  • What is Social Proof?

    What is Social Proof?

    Ever happen upon a blog post that immediately inspires you to click through to learn more? Sometimes you even go a step further and pull out your credit card to make a purchase! No, the blog post doesn’t have some crazy control over you. What it did… read more

  • How to Deal with Blogging Emergencies

    How to deal with blogging emergencies

    Large-scale companies hire Public Relations professionals. We hear about these PR reps, more often than not, when something has gone wrong and the company is in the spotlight. What we don’t see as often is the work that is happening before a problem arises. If the… read more

  • How to Come Back From a Blogging Hiatus With a Bang

    How to come back from a blog hiatus

    It’s perfectly normal to take a break from blogging every now and then. Whether you went on a much-needed vacation or life just got in the way for a couple months, a blogging hiatus isn’t the end of the world. However, according to Social Media Examiner,… read more

  • The Vulnerability of Blogging

    When was the last time clicking “publish” gave you butterflies and made your palms sweat? Are you afraid someone might view you differently if you share your story? Every single time I publish a new post on Irresistible Icing I feel this way. I share personal… read more

  • How Do You Find Expert Sources for Blog Posts?

    How Do You Find Expert Sources for Blog Posts-

    In the first article in this series, When Should You Source an Expert for Your Blog Post?, you learned when you need sources, but equally important is finding a quality one. After all, there are many veterinarians in the world with varying opinions. You want to… read more

  • How to Be a Confident Influencer

    How to Be a Confident Influencer

    You have a story inside of you that you’re itching to tell. You have so many ideas and big dreams but don’t know where to begin. You envision your dream life, working from home, hanging out with your pets, and getting paid to do what you… read more

  • Active vs Passive Voice: What Are They and Which Should Bloggers Use?

    Active vs Passive Voice- What Are They and Which Should Bloggers Use-

    Any writing advice you encounter probably makes the same recommendation: Use active voice instead of passive voice. It’s a good rule… but, for those who’ve long forgotten their high school English curriculum, it can be confusing. What is active voice again? And how does active differ… read more