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  • How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

    How Many Words Should a Blog Post Be?

    Blog post word counts matter, but exactly how much? The folks at Medium say that a seven-minute post captures the most total reading time onĀ average. What does that mean for you, the blogger, and just how many words should a blog post be? It depends, but… read more


  • How to Write a Blog Post Brands Will Love

    How to write a blog post brands will love

    by Carol Bryant The “b” word today isn’t blogging… it’s brands, which equates to bucks, if you write a blog post with such ardent fervor that brands want to reach through the computer monitor and kiss it. In other words, write what brands love and they’ll… read more

  • Bloggers and Microbloggers: Name Your 2012 Favorite Post

    by: Carol Bryant As we share good tidings and come upon the close of one year and the launch of another, let's reflect a bit and share some blog and micro-blog traffic love. BlogPaws cordially invites you to share your favorite blog post with link (that… read more