• Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Pet Safety Month

    Cute dachshund in BlogPaws blog hop

    Is it really July 1st? That means it’s Pet Safety Month at BlogPaws. We want pets kept safe and sound year round. With summer vacations in full bloom, pets are traveling in droves with their families. According to AAA and Best Western International, it is believed… read more


  • Prioritize For 2015 Blogging Success

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Even though we are five days into the new year, chances are your calendar is — or can be — a blank slate. A chance at a new, fresh start for your business, your blogging and ultimately your life! What… read more

  • Six Top Tips For Traveling With Your Senior Dog

    Guest post by Paris Permenter Imagine retirement and you just might picture a life filled with travel to the places you’ve always wanted to visit. As long as you’re healthy, there’s no reason not to get out and enjoy all that life has to offer, right?… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Pets On Amtrack Trains

    Many of the pet lovers in the BlogPaws Community travel cross country with their pets either via car or airplane. Now, Amtrack has offered a new way for dog and cat lovers to travel with their furry companions. In a test, the Illinois Transportation Department will… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: #PetSafety & Camping

    While I personally (Robbi, the blog manager) do not enjoy camping and Henrietta, the diva poodle, isn’t one for the great outdoors our other dog, Spenser cannot get enough of it! This was a great post from Joe and Cathy Connolly about camping with their pets and… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Mountain Climbing Cat

    For many of us who own cats, we know that our cats’ idea of a good day is finding a warm patch of carpet and sunning themselves. Perhaps they will rouse themselves if they hear a can of tuna being opened and they are more than… read more

  • #PetSafety When Taking Your Pet On A Family Vacation

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess AAahhhh yes, the family vacation. A time to get away and relax and unwind with friends and family… but what about your pets? Do they come along with you? Do you find somewhere to board them? Will it be a… read more

  • Making Travel With Cats Enjoyable: 5 Tips

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I will admit that the longest distance I have traveled with my cats is to and from the veterinarian’s office which is about 10 miles away. My kitties are rather vocal about their displeasure at not only being in a… read more

  • Pet Traveling Tips

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess  Having just returned from the BlogPaws 2014 Conference in Nevada I can tell you many of our attendees made the trips with their fur-kids. While I didn’t speak to all of them to see how they’d planned for the trip… read more

  • Pet Friendly Las Vegas

    las vegas

    Special Guest Blogger: Samantha Ratcliffe Vegas is known as the world’s playground with it’s neon strip of hotel casinos, glittering production shows, and celebrity chef restaurants. This is the common image that ones mind conjures up when the word Vegas is spoken. What lies beyond the… read more