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  • The Etiquette of Email Communication

    Email Etiquette

    This post is not about email marketing, although the advice can easily apply to email marketing messages. I’m sharing this today because we are a digital society. We communicate via social media and email more than we do face-to-face, it seems. As an introvert, I do… read more


  • How to Assert Yourself without Burning Bridges

    How to Assert Yourself Without Burning Bridges

    You’re a blogger with a readership that is invested in your content and voice. They enjoy your insight and are influenced by the information you share. In short, you are considered an influencer, and brands have begun to take notice. They may have reached out to… read more

  • How to Take Time Off From Your Blog (Without Losing Readers)

    How to Take Time Off From Your Blog (Without Losing Readers)

    Ah, summer! The perfect time to get outside, relax, and take a break! Do you have any fun trips or vacations planned? A family road trip, maybe? A trip to BlogPaws, perhaps? Wherever summer takes you, you might not want to take your blog along for… read more

  • 3 Steps for Finding Juicy Little Keyword Nuggets

    KEYWORD word cloud business concept, presentation background

    Anybody can run a list of keywords (or phrases) through a tool and sort the results. That’s a simple matter of copy, paste, point, and click. Where the pros deviate from the pack is in their ability to find targeted keyword ideas. Keywords drive “traffic.” What’s… read more

  • How to Tell a Story with Photography

    Mary Hone Photography

    The world is a visual place, and blogs are the perfect example of visual storytelling. The words we write are very important to express our thoughts and ideas, but great images have a big impact on our story, too.  It goes back to when we were… read more

  • The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    As April winds down and we head full-steam into late spring and early summer, all those brilliant ideas and goals from the first quarter of the year sometimes start to dissipate. This is the time of year when motivation wanes. If you find yourself in that… read more

  • If You Don’t Do It, Someone Else Will

    Take the Leap of Faith

    The most common phrase for getting it done is “Just do it.” Desire fame and fortune? Go get it. Want to be a published writer? Just do it. Have a burning need to achieve full-time, paid status as a blogger? Go for it. The problem with… read more

  • How to Get Picked for Influencer Campaigns

    How to get picked for influencer campaigns (1)

    As professional bloggers–and we should all strive to be professionals, whether blogging is our full-time job or not–we want to make money, right? One of the ways to do that is by participating in influencer campaigns. On Monday, we looked at some of the reasons why… read more

  • Not getting picked for influencer campaigns? Here’s why.

    When it comes to blogger campaigns, it’s a given that there will always be far more applicants than spots. That’s why it’s important to position yourself as a pro. As the community grows and more opportunities become available, though, we’ve heard from some bloggers who worry… read more

  • The Art of Writing a Blog Post

    Writing as Art Form

    Writing is an art. There is more to good writing than stringing a series of words together. We expect words to convey meaning and sentences to support that meaning. We expect paragraphs to form complete thoughts and lead us into whatever comes next. We expect information… read more