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  • Adopt a Shelter Pet October Blog Hop

    Adopt a shelter pet

    It’s October and that means BlogPaws is celebrating Adopt a Shelter Pet Month all throughout October. We encourage the adoption of pets of all shapes, sizes, ages, and species. Adoption has so many benefits, and pet lovers know this, especially if that pet came from a… read more


  • Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days A Success

    According to a press release from the Human Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) more than 5,000 dogs and cats nationwide found homes this past weekend at the country’s largest free pet adoption event, Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days, sponsored by Maddie’s Fund®. The HSSV  participated in this annual… read more

  • Celebrate National Pet Day Today

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Today is National Pet Day. If you’re a pet lover, chances are every day in your home is National Pet Day, but today is a day set aside to raise awareness of pets in need of loving home, to raise… read more

  • #BPPet360: Debunking Black Cat Bad Luck Myths

    Did you know that black cats and black dogs are the most overlooked colors in most shelters? There appears to still be an idea that black cats are bad luck. This post by Pet360 helps with debunking black cat bad luck myths. The article offers a… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Annual Walk ‘n Wag Fundraiser Underway

    Humane Society Silicon Valley’s 12th Annual Walk ‘n Wag Fundraising Efforts Are Underway   Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) announces its 12th Annual Walk ‘n Wag fundraising efforts have begun. Participants can register and raise life-saving funds as an individual, start a team, or join a corporate team… read more

  • Preparing Your Pet For Weather Emergencies

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess The recent flooding in and around Phoenix, Arizona was close to home for me as I used to live there and instantly recognized many of the areas in which cars were disabled on the highways with water covering their roofs.… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Conference Attendee Rescues A Shelter

    When we say that we love our pet bloggers and those who attend our BlogPaws Conferences, these are the type of stories and acts of compassion that prove our point. Susan Willett of Life With Dogs and Cats, while at the BlogPaws 2014 Conference in Las… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: ASPCA App For Lost Pets

    Losing your pet would have to be one of the scariest events in a pet owners’s life, we imagine. Even if your pet is on a leash (and breaks away) and even if she is microchipped, there is a possibility she could become lost. The ASPCA… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: Cats Take Over NY Island


    We’d seen this story on the news: Cats that have not been spayed and neutered have literally taken over an island in North Tonawanda, NY. Residents have started a GoFundMe site to raise money to have the cats trapped, spayed and neutered, then returned to their… read more

  • BlogPaws News Bite: The Power Of Pet Love

    In the animal world it’s not every dog for himself as evidenced by the power of the love between an abandoned Pit Bull and a Chihuahua. The pair were found wandering the streets in Savannah, Georgia with the Pit Bull carrying the tiny dog in her mouth.… read more