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Why SEO Important for Pet Bloggers

Pamfosterbookby: Carol Bryant

When I went looking for how to up my blogging
SEO game, Pam Foster’s marketing, SEO, and social media advice stopped me in my
tracks: literally. Wildly
Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry
is one of the best “how to” books
for marketing (and profiting from it) in the pet industry I have encountered. The section on SEO
is worth the price of the book alone.

I met Pam online a few weeks before BlogPaws’ 2012
Conference and now here she speaking at the 2013 Conference in (55 gulp!) days.
 Here, Foster granted BlogPaws an interview
and sneak peek as to what she has planned for attendees to this year’s

BlogPaws: Hey Pam, thanks for joining us. What will you be
talking about this year during your session at BlogPaws?

Pam Foster: SEO
101-201 for Pet Bloggers.

That is a topic that is highly popular, well received, and something that has
had a direct impact on my pet blog. What do you plan to present?

Pam Foster:  I'm excited to provide the foundational SEO
guidelines that make a huge difference to bloggers. We wil; cover the importance
of knowing your audience and what they're looking for, how to find the right
how to use them the right way in blog posts and your main site (if applicable),
how to use them in tags as well for the best results… and how to get inbound
links to your blog, which also helps with search results. I'll also mention
Google+ and its fairly new emphasis on Google Author Rank — and how the
"who" of content is becoming just as important as the
"what" in your content. 

BlogPaws: What do you hope people gain/learn by attending your
session? What will they “walk away” with?

Pam Foster:  After our hour together, you'll know how to
differentiate your blog very clearly for your audience AND for search engine
traffic, you'll use keywords in a smart way, and you'll set up your Google+
account and claim your Authorship if you haven't already.   

BlogPaws: What is your favorite aspect of attending BlogPaws/what
do you most anticipate as an attendee?

Pam Foster: I
can't wait to hear all the other speaker presentations, mingle with bloggers
and check out the vendors who showcase their awesome products during the event.
The social aspect is a blast, and it's a great way to connect with colleagues
who get what you do!

BlogPaws: Inquiring minds want to know: Any pets sharing
your life?

Pam Foster: I have Louie my 5-year-old Westie-Bichon mix. He has a number of
nicknames including BoBo, Fluffy Flufferstein, Mr. Petey Pup and many
others. He's a riot and he's such a loving dog. And he snores. He's
traveled by car with me from Maine to South Carolina to Oregon and back to
South Carolina. He's a wonderful travel companion! 


BlogPaws:  Where can people learn more about you so we
can give everyone a jump start on following you?

Pam Foster: People can learn
about me and my work at PetCopywriter.com and its blog, LifeLearn.com (I write their blog), also at PawzoolaPublishing.com
(I co-authored all the
books on that site, and wrote the site's content). Also at www.AWAIonline,com,
I'm part of the team who teaches new copywriters how to work with clients, do
web content audits, and market themselves within a niche industry. My profile
there is at http://www.awaionline.com/bio/pam-foster/.

BlogPaws:  Just for fun, what is something about you
people would be surprised to learn?

Pam Foster: My mom was a British
World War II bride, so I'm first generation U.S citizen on her side of the
family. My grandparents lived on Penny Lane in Liverpool, England! Also I sing
jazz and blues, and I was a too-tall gymnast during my high school and college


BlogPaws: What is one website
you visit at least once daily?

Pam Foster: Facebook and
in terms of favorite blog or blogger, Copyblogger (from the brilliant Brian
Clark, who has become a friend); also ContentMarketingInstitute.com, MarketingExperiments.com, Hubspot.com and SocialMediaExaminer.com

6a0120a678c547970b017d410f5f1f970c-200wiReady to take your blog to
the next level or learn how to get started? BlogPaws 2013 Registration is in
full swing. Join us May 16-18 in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. BlogPaws is a
pet-friendly 3-day life changing conference! Register for BlogPaws 2013 here.

P.S. You will have access to
a variety of “tracks,” including 101 for Beginners, 201 for Intermediate level,
and even a Pro Level for seasoned bloggers who want to take their blogging and
goals to the next level. An exclusive 4th track will cover a variety
of topics from Law to Lifestyle to Be the Change for Animals

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