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  • 10 Free Online Tools to Make Your Blogging Life Easier

    10 free online tools to make your blog life easier

    Launching your blog was undoubtedly one of the highlights of your life so far. A little corner of the internet that’s all yours! The possibilities of your blog are endless. Followers, fame, and the thought of helping and entertaining people all over the world. You could… read more


  • 3 Things You Need to Turn Your Blog Into a Business

    3 Things You Need to Turn Your Blog Into a Business | BlogPaws.com

    On Friday, we kicked off our month-long focus on the business of blogging. If you missed that first post, it’s packed full of inspiration and motivation. Go check out The Business of Blogging: Think Like a Boss! Then, head back over here to dig into your next… read more


  • 5 Actionable Tips Pet Bloggers Can Use To Get More Done

    5 actionable ways to get more done

    If you’re like most pet influencers and bloggers, you are obsessed with doing: getting it done, being in motion, and staying busy. Many pet influencers wear “busy” as a badge. What I’ve found is that being busy doesn’t mean you’re being productive. You could be spending… read more


  • Your One-Week Plan for Social Media Domination

    Your One-Week Plan for Social Media Domination | BlogPaws.com

    Maybe this is just me, but there was a day last week when I was reviewing all my various to-do lists. Some are for urgent, time-bound tasks. Others are more like wish lists, the things I’d do if I had the time. I realized that my… read more


  • The Monday Pet Blogging Checklist to Kick Your Week Off Right

    The Monday Pet Blogging Checklist to Kick Your Week Off Right

    I love Mondays. I realize that makes me an anomaly, but I approach Mondays with a positive mindset. It’s a fresh start, the chance to begin with a clean slate–and a solid project plan. Part of my Monday love comes from a carefully-crafted Monday routine that allows… read more


  • Beat the Summer Blogger Slump: 15 Things to Do When Traffic is Slow

    Beat the Summer Blogger Slump- 15 Things to Do When Traffic is Slow

    Summer is in full swing, and summer means vacations! Summer means more time outside, enjoying barbeques, picnics, pool parties, and trips to the beach. Summer also means… your blog traffic might take a big dip. Why? All those vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts aren’t checking their laptops!… read more


  • Make Your Dream Project a Priority

    Make progress on your dream projects

    What inspires you? What ideas have sparked your imagination but for one reason or another have been simmering on the backburner? We all have those dream projects, those ideas that burn brightly in a back corner of our minds. But we’re busy. Dream projects get pushed… read more


  • Pet Bloggers: Do You Work on the Weekend?

    Do this on the weekend for a more successful work week

    I do! Here’s why: First, I don’t mean the same type of work that you do during the week. I certainly don’t want all of us pet bloggers chained to our desks typing away our Saturdays and Sundays. (Or, you know, endlessly refreshing Facebook while you… read more


  • Are you achieving your blogging goals? It’s time for a mid-year check in!

    Are you achieving your blogging goals- HERO

    Think back six months: Were you energized for a fresh year? Did you outline all your goals for the year ahead? Did you feel inspired and motivated to start achieving your blogging goals? I know I was! I also know it’s easy to let that excitement… read more


  • How to Take Time Off From Your Blog (Without Losing Readers)

    How to Take Time Off From Your Blog (Without Losing Readers)

    Ah, summer! The perfect time to get outside, relax, and take a break! Do you have any fun trips or vacations planned? A family road trip, maybe? A trip to BlogPaws, perhaps? Wherever summer takes you, you might not want to take your blog along for… read more