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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from BlogPaws.com

    Today we give thanks! We are so thankful for this community of pet-passionate people. We wanted to share our gratitude. Everyone on the team shared what they’re thankful for on this day! Chloe DiVita, COE, Chief of Everything: “I am thankful for diversity. In the BlogPaws Team,… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: An Attitude of Gratitude

    Thanksgiving pets

    It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and an attitude of gratitude is in the air for this Wordless Wednesday blog hop. If you’ve never joined in before, a blog hop is a great way to make new friends, connect with fellow bloggers, and unite on a common theme: love… read more


  • Pet Industry Pros Team Up for Homeless Pets #IMAGINE5


    ‘Tis the time for giving. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, pay it forward, give back, and most of all: Adopt an attitude of gratitude for that which we have. It is in this spirit of giving that BlogPaws proudly announces a partnership of giving. In… read more


  • A BlogPaws Thanksgiving for Pet Lovers

    thanksgiving pets

    We won’t tell you not to give your pets food they shouldn’t be having at Thanksgiving because, well, gobs and gobs of websites have driven that point home. We won’t tell you that all pets deserve a home and that giving back to pets in need… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday: Attitude of Gratitude

    holiday dog

    It’s Thanksgiving Eve and we have an attitude of gratitude here at BlogPaws. We thank you, all BlogPawsers, for making BlogPaws into the success it is and for coming along on this ever-growing journey with us. We wish all of you a wonderful holiday season. Speaking… read more

  • Cat Lovers, Dog Lovers And Pet Parents Of All Stripes Working Together

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I sometimes find myself, during the course of the week, not visiting or interacting as much on Facebook as I have in the past. Gasp! Want to know why and where I am? Actually, I've been where the pet parents… read more

  • Thanksgiving, Turkey, House Guests And Your Pet

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Is your pet? If your house is like mine, it will be Grand Central from now until the first of the year. Friends and family certainly bring joy, food and cheer to the house; they… read more

  • Help Your Local Shelter Through #GivingTuesday

    From The Editor's Desk: As pet parents, animal lovers and supporters of any project that will help animals in need, we wanted to pass this information along about #GivingTuesday. "You Give Goods is organizing a #GivingTuesday — a movement to ensure that “the Tuesday after Thanksgiving… read more


  • Wordless Wednesday BlogHop: Thanksgiving Edition

    "Fred After Thanksgiving Dinner" submitted by bassetmomma Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! This time of year reminds us of how fortunate we are to have all of you in our community. Please know how special you are and how much… read more

  • Keep Fido And Fluffy Safe On Thanksgiving Day

    Guest Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess Thanksgiving is one of those holidays in which dozens of your friends and family descend upon your house bringing with them joy, food, and yes, stress for your pet. Depending on the size of your pet, he or she… read more