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  • 7 Best Practices for TapInfluence Success

    7 Best Practices for TapInfluence Success- What you need to know

    For me, one of the highlights of being your BlogPaws Campaign Manager is getting to know our community members, answering your questions, and building relationships with you. It’s never “work” if you love what you do! Over the last seven months, since BlogPaws began using the… read more


  • What is the Measure of Influence?

    How do brands measure influence?

    What is the value of a blog post? A social share? A comment reply? There are two measures: the hard data of numbers (followers, page views, etc.) and the soft data of engagement. Both are vital elements in determining the success of an influencer campaign, but… read more


  • How to be a Successful Campaign Blogger: How to Use TapInfluence

    How to Use TapInfluence for BlogPaws campaigns

    In the first two parts of this How to Be a Successful Campaign Blogger series, we looked at the campaign application process–what works and what doesn’t–and crafting a compelling campaign post that gets you hired again and again. By now most of you have heard that… read more