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  • 5 Tips to Craft Your Pet Business Brand Story

    woman sitting at desk behind computer with grey cat sitting on desk in front of her

    Brands are nothing more than a collection of people, which makes it even more important to craft your pet business brand story, and craft it well. Before we get to that let’s make sure that you understand everyone creating content online is a brand. Whether it’s… read more


  • How to Engross Your Readers by Strengthening Your Storytelling

    How to Engross Your Readers by Strengthening Your Storytelling

    Telling stories can be a powerful way of engrossing your readers. As Maggie Marton has written before in this fabulous BlogPaws post, the brain is actually wired for storytelling! But there’s a big difference between a decent story and a compelling tale that engrosses your readers… read more


  • How to Tell a Story with Photography

    Mary Hone Photography

    The world is a visual place, and blogs are the perfect example of visual storytelling. The words we write are very important to express our thoughts and ideas, but great images have a big impact on our story, too.  It goes back to when we were… read more

  • The art and science of storytelling (and why it matters for your pet blog)

    Storytelling for pet bloggers

    We got lost driving out to the no-kill shelter in northern Virginia. In fact, we almost gave up because, by the time we found our way around the horse farms and dirt roads to the right gravel drive, we only had half an hour to meet dogs… read more