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  • How to Follow the Rules of Blogging While Staying Authentic

    How to Follow the Rules of Blogging and Stay True to Your Voice and Audience | BlogPaws.com

    “Everyone’s post said the exact same thing.” “Who’s the leader? Everyone looks like a follower.” “I haven’t been reading blogs lately because they’ve seemed so, I don’t know, boring.” Yikes. These are comments paraphrased from a recent discussion about sponsored posts. I don’t think there’s one… read more


  • Why Do Influencers Need to Follow Disclosure Guidelines?

    What influencers need to know about disclosures | BlogPaws.com

    As an influencer, it should be top priority for you to be following the rules and regulations of the influencer marketing industry. Hopefully you do your best to keep up with the information as it comes down from the FTC, and you aren’t dragging your feet to… read more


  • Promoting Yourself vs Promoting Sponsored Content

    How Promoting Yourself Affects Promoting Sponsored Content | BlogPaws.com

    If you spend any time online researching influencer marketing, you will find one thing that stands out: Traditional influencer marketing—once known as Celebrity Marketing–is on the decline. By traditional, I mean famous people being paid mega dollars to promo a product because they reach the largest… read more