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  • Should My Small Pet Business Be an LLC?

    Women at computer in background with cat in foreground on desk looking at camera

    Whether you’ve started your business yet or not, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Should my small pet business be an LLC?” or “Can I just operate using my name and social security number?” The short answer is yes, and also yes. The IRS does not require… read more


  • 3 Things Every Small Pet Business Plan Needs

    note book with pen that says business plan | 3 Things Every Small Pet Business Plan Needs

    *Updated: July 19, 2022 It’s true that a majority of the pet industry, especially the small pet businesses, started their business because of passion, and that passion may not have meant creating a small pet business plan. That passion often kicks off with diving into business… read more


  • How to Use Instagram to Increase Sales for Your Small Business

    How to Use Instagram to Increase Small Business Sales | BlogPaws.com

    Running a small business is hard. I get it! Sometimes it seems like you’re just one out of thousands of other people trying to sell the same thing, despite your creative input. That said, you have a very handy tool at your fingertips: social media! Instagram… read more


  • 2012 – The Year To Take Charge

    by Yvonne DiVita From reports online and offline, this year is the year of the small business. A particularly interesting focus is on social media, which we're all about, as regular readers know. Biz Report notes that "SMB Social Media Use Set To Explode" in an… read more