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  • #FoodShelterLove Donation Given At #BlogPaws Conference

    silver rescue

    There are some individuals who toil behind the scenes to save animals. They see a pet in need, take it in and it snowballs from there. Thus was the case with Karina McDaniel, the owner of Silver Rescue in Nashville, Tennessee. “It all started,” Karina said,… read more


  • Adoptable Dogs In Photo Booths #BPPet360

    When a dog or cat or any animal for that matter is looking for a new home, the photos that many shelters post — the pet huddled in a corner, head down, fear clearly written on its face — may make a potential owner turn away.… read more


  • Extreme Weather Pet Protection Act

    With the brutal winter that the Northeast and many other parts of the country, and world, experienced and with the upcoming brutal heat that will hit other parts of the country, a group is looking to pass an Extreme Weather Pet Protection Act. The Act is… read more


  • We Live for Adoption and Rescue

    Post by Yvonne DiVita, BlogPaws CEO Who are we? We are the members of BlogPaws. We are bloggers. We are pet parents. We are professionals across the spectrum of industries – not just in pet. We are the voice of animals everywhere. That voice rose loud… read more


  • Tips For Holiday Giving For Pets

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess In the frenzy that seems to grip us all from Thanksgiving until the first of the year, it’s not always easy to think about those who aren’t right in front of our faces, or between our feet, but this is… read more

  • Life Lessons From My Adopted Shelter Cats

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I will admit that I am a sucker when it comes to a cat in need; hence the reason we have four of them in our not-overly-large-home. Growing up my mom raised Siamese cats. We had a female, Sabrina, and… read more


  • Remember Me Thursday #LightForPets

    Light a candle today to remember pets you have lost and to shine a light on orphaned pets who are seeking forever homes. When you light a candle today you will be joining in with pet loving people across the globe as well as celebrity pet lovers.… read more


  • BlogPaws News Bite: Annual Walk ‘n Wag Fundraiser Underway

    Humane Society Silicon Valley’s 12th Annual Walk ‘n Wag Fundraising Efforts Are Underway   Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) announces its 12th Annual Walk ‘n Wag fundraising efforts have begun. Participants can register and raise life-saving funds as an individual, start a team, or join a corporate team… read more


  • BlogPaws News Bite: Warm Bellies Initiative

    P.L.A.Y. Launches New Phase of Warm Bellies Initiative to Help Homeless Pets Charitable Program Distributes Chill Pads to Animal Shelters Nominated and Selected by Facebook Fans. P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You), provider of luxury pet beds and accessories, has launched the latest round of its Warm Bellies… read more


  • Helping Your Cat In Her Golden Years

    Guest post by Joanne McGonagle  Cats are living longer lives thanks to cat parents taking a more active role in their overall well-being and by making sure their cats receive preventative veterinarian care. According to the Banfield Pet Hospital’s State of Pet Health 2013 Report, the… read more