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  • WordPress Plugins: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    labrador retriever

    One of the key advantages to using WordPress as your blog publishing system is the fact that there is a robust library of WordPress plugins to help you customize and extend the features of your WordPress site.  Plugins are essentially add-ons that you can install with… read more


  • To Use or Not to Use that Plugin

    Guest post by Ryan R. Hughes "There's a plugin for that." "Just download the plugin.” These are quotes that tend to haunt my dreams. Let me begin by stating that WordPress plugins are wonderful things that can make carrying out an extremely difficult task very simple.… read more

  • Add E-commerce To Your Website

    Guest post by Bonnie Koenig  Anyone who has been blogging for more than a few months begins to wonder how they can make money from their blog.  Many people rely on advertising to make money but others create their own products.  In fact, there are many… read more