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  • How to Write a Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Blog Post

    How to Write a Pet Friendly Thanksgiving Blog Post

    I am often considered to be “that lady who takes her dog everywhere” in some circles, and nothing could make me more proud.  Having pet friendly holiday traditions is something we look forward to in our family every year. Holiday traditions are meant for the whole… read more


  • Pet Friendly Las Vegas

    las vegas

    Special Guest Blogger: Samantha Ratcliffe Vegas is known as the world’s playground with it’s neon strip of hotel casinos, glittering production shows, and celebrity chef restaurants. This is the common image that ones mind conjures up when the word Vegas is spoken. What lies beyond the… read more


  • How To Get Your Dog To Pee When Traveling


    by: Carol Bryant Traveling with a dog can be fun, exciting and memorable, but it can also be a bit of a challenge if its idea of bathroom etiquette is finding the nearest patch of grass that smells like home. I have been traveling with my… read more


  • Do People Really Travel With Their Pets?

    by: Carol Bryant Pet friendly means increase in revenue to businesses and recidivism of customers to those businesses. It creates a general fostering of community and good will to one another and spawns a sense of togetherness. Why, then, is there still a big invisible “do… read more

  • Salt Lake City Squatters Pub and BlogPaws

    Friday night, June 22, Squatters Pub Brewery will be hosting a pet friendly event in Salt Lake City for BlogPaws 2012 attendees. Did we mention the event is pet friendly and Squatters Pub gives back? Amy Coady of Squatters Pub shared, “Salt Lake is very supportive of… read more