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  • How to Create Strategies for Content Marketing Based on Pet Trends

    woman sipping coffee at desk with computer and cat on lap

    Chances are, you didn’t get into the pet industry to think about strategies for content marketing. You either have a passion for pets, a desire to change the face of the industry, or great ideas for the future of pet care and ownership that needs to… read more


  • Should My Small Pet Business Be an LLC?

    Women at computer in background with cat in foreground on desk looking at camera

    Whether you’ve started your business yet or not, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “Should my small pet business be an LLC?” or “Can I just operate using my name and social security number?” The short answer is yes, and also yes. The IRS does not require… read more


  • How to Launch Your eCommerce Store: Everything Bloggers Need to Know

    How to Launch Your eCommerce Store- Everything Bloggers Need to Know | BlogPaws.com

    As bloggers, you may have noticed that companies are increasingly eating your lunch. That is to say, many of them are implementing a blog to accompany their store. Being content-rich helps attract web traffic and fosters brand trust. On the flip side, however, there aren’t nearly… read more


  • Copywriting Secrets for the Pet Business


    by: Carol Bryant If you’ve ever clicker trained your dog, we want that click as pet bloggers. Amber Carlton says copywriting can help you get that click. I had the privilege of attending the Women in the Pet Industry (WIPIN) Conference in Portland, Oregon last week.… read more


  • Is Your Pet Biz A Grand Adventure?

    Shawna Schuh asks the question, "Is your pet business a grand adventure?" If not, it should be. Think about how excited your dog becomes when he hears the words "car ride!" Get back your excitement!    If you want short tips and ideas for doing better… read more