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  • The Importance of Conducting a SWOT Analysis

    Why Bloggers Should Conduct a SWOT Analysis

    Much of BlogPaws is focused on helping to educate and remind pet bloggers on the value and importance of viewing their blog as a business. Between developing a cohesive business plan to identifying key messaging themes and content, BlogPaws has helped many bloggers from simply writing… read more


  • Nose to Nose Finalists: You Can and Should Be One

    My Brown Newfies Best Humor Blog 2015 Nose to Nose Awards at BlogPaws

    I’m a fan of awards shows. I watch all of them. I love the pomp and circumstance. I love the Step and Repeat (that great big banner everyone pauses in front of to get their picture taken, often with some star or another). I love the… read more


  • Pet Events to Cover on Your Blog This May

    Pet Events to Cover on Your Blog This May

    On Friday, we looked at 53 different ways to generate content ideas for your pet blog. One theme that emerged was to find an event, activity, or holiday to cover. So, here for your convenience, a compilation of pet events to cover on your blog this… read more


  • The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    The Ultimate List of Pet Blog Content Ideas

    As April winds down and we head full-steam into late spring and early summer, all those brilliant ideas and goals from the first quarter of the year sometimes start to dissipate. This is the time of year when motivation wanes. If you find yourself in that… read more


  • How to Handle Negative Blog Comments

    How to Handle Negative Blog Comments FB

    No matter what you blog about, who your audience is, or even how often you post, the singular truth about blogging is that, eventually, you will face negative blog comments. Since we in the pet blogging community are sharing our real life experiences with our real… read more


  • How Instagram Changes Affect Bloggers

    Instagram changes for bloggers

    They are at it again: Instagram changes have made tidal waves in the trending topics of late. In the event you’ve not heard or perhaps missed the furor, here’s the InstaScoop in Instagram’s own words: “The order of photos and videos in your feed will be… read more