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  • Blogging 101: Combat Pet Blogger Stress

    Combat pet blogging stress

    As a pet blogger, and a business owner everything is sunshine and roses, right? You get up float to your home office on wings of caffeine, sit down at your pin-straight neat desk and words flow from your fingertips. Clients call you, offer you more money… read more


  • Amanda Yantos is a BlogPaws Pet Blogger Ambassador

    Amanda Yantos BlogPaws Ambasssador

    Each year, BlogPaws selects a group of pet bloggers ambassadors for their professionalism and talent in social media. These are pet bloggers who also help out newbies and to assist in “being the faces” of BlogPaws leading up to, and at, the conference. This year we… read more


  • How Instagram Changes Affect Bloggers

    Instagram changes for bloggers

    They are at it again: Instagram changes have made tidal waves in the trending topics of late. In the event you’ve not heard or perhaps missed the furor, here’s the InstaScoop in Instagram’s own words: “The order of photos and videos in your feed will be… read more


  • Interview with a CoFounder: Meet Caroline Golon

    BlogPaws Icon Romeo the Cat

    Most of you don’t need to “meet” Caroline; you know her. Our community knows her well from her blog, romeothecat.com, and her work with shelters. BlogPaws would not be here but for Caroline. Yes, there are 3 co-founders, Yvonne DiVita, Tom Collins and Caroline Golon, and BlogPaws… read more


  • Confessions of a Pet Blogger: A Letter To My Family

    Most Trusted Pet Community Online

    Dear Family, Yes, I am a blogger. Yes, I am a pet blogger. This is my confession to you. In case you didn’t know already…which is stupid, because all of you know I am a pet blogger. I think. Let’s get into Confessions of a Pet… read more


  • Preparing To Attend BlogPaws 2016: Savings Ideas

    saving for BlogPaws

    Post by Robbi Hess There are roughly 170 (174 to be exact) days until the BlogPaws 2016 Conference in Arizona. Are you registered? Have you booked your travel? Will you be driving or flying? Do you have your room reservation? Will you be rooming with someone?… read more


  • How to Survive the Holidays

    Bentley & Pierre Merry Christmas wishes

    Guest post by M.K. Clinton The holidays are here and there is no avoiding them any longer. It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza this time of year can be very stressful. That’s really a shame because it truly can be the most… read more


  • The Best Holiday Gift Guides for Pet Bloggers

    Holiday gift guides for pet bloggers hero image

    Post by Maggie Marton, Blog Manager For the past couple weeks, I’ve combed pet blogs in search of the perfect gifts for my dogs and cat. As usual, my biggest holiday budget goes toward spoiling them. Along the way, though, I started thinking about my wish… read more


  • Unexpected Gifts In The Pet World

    Amy Shojai cats karma and seren

    Guest post by Amy Shojai  Many years ago, more than I care to admit, I became an accidental pet writer. I grew up rescuing orphan bunnies and baby birds fallen from nests, turning turtles and snakes into pets, and luring squirrels and raccoons to eat from… read more


  • A BlogPaws Icon Gains His Wings

    A BlogPaws Icon Gets His Wings

    “Hi! You don’t know me,” the email said, “but I’ve been reading your blog and I love it! I have a petblog, too! Mine is about raising funds for shelters,” and so it began, a friendship that would spawn a successful business and bring hundreds of… read more