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  • 6 Follow-Up Tips for Networking Events in the Pet Industry

    woman holding a dog surrounded by other people | 6 Follow-Up Tips for Networking Events in the Pet Industry

    Whether you attend large trade shows like SuperZoo or Global Pet Expo, smaller regional shows, or local events like festivals and farmers’ markets with your business, in-person networking is an important skill to have. In this article, we’re going to help you prepare with a few… read more


  • How To Be Successful at In-person Networking

    Two women exchanging a business card with heading How to Successfully Network at an In-person Event

    In-person events are coming back. That means the opportunity to network with people IRL! Whether that excites you or scares you (or maybe somewhere in between), we’ve got steps you can take that will help you be successful at in-person networking so it’s beneficial for everyone.… read more


  • Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Profitable Blog

    6 tips to go from hobby blogger

    Whether you’re brand new to blogging or you’re looking to take your “blogging hobby” to new levels (aka, those that pay!) this beginner’s guide to starting a profitable blog is for you! If you’re like most pet bloggers, you fell in love with your pet then… read more


  • Make The Most Of Conference Attendance

    strategies for conference roi

    In 28 days, BlogPaws will be kicking off! If you’ve made the investment in yourself and your business to attend the BlogPaws conference, how can you get a return on your investment (ROI)? Conference ROI is very important, especially because the costs of travel–airfare, gasoline if you’re… read more


  • How to Make the Most of Your BlogPaws Experience

    BlogPaws conference swag

    Whether you’re attending BlogPaws for the first time or, like me, you know you lost opportunities and connections because you were not as organized or prepared as you could have been at past conferences, here are some tips for making the most of your BlogPaws experience.… read more


  • How to Network at a Trade Show

    How to network at a trade show (1)

    Trade shows offer digital influencers unprecedented access to brands, retailers, reps, and media colleagues all in one place. It’s important to understand just how different a trade show is from a conference, though. Remember the purpose of a trade show: The brands aren’t there specifically to… read more


  • Take a Fresh Approach to Networking

    Take a Fresh Approach to Networking- How can I help-

    Networking. Does that word make you shudder? For many, networking feels uncomfortable. The concept feels disingenuous, unnatural. Part of that discomfort stems from the caricature of the “always be closing” businessperson. Take a fresh approach to networking with a new mindset, one coined by Hubspot earlier this… read more


  • How Meeting in Person Can Grow Your Online Business

    How Meeting in Person Can Grow Your Online Business

    It’s entirely possible to operate a business without ever having to leave your home. In fact, over the years as a freelancer, I met very few of my clients in person. And you can run a profitable blog from the comfort of your couch. While it… read more


  • Your Conference Survival Guide: A Roundup of Conference Networking Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

    Your networking survival guide

    Pet bloggers and social influencers from around the world land in Phoenix a week from today for this year’s BlogPaws conference. (There are few tickets left if you’re interested! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!) Even if you’re not attending, and especially if you are, brush up… read more


  • Making the Most of Your BlogPaws 2016 Experience

    BlogPaws brings bloggers brands and experts together for fun networking and education

    This will be my 8th BlogPaws conference. You would expect that, of course. I am a co-founder. Each year, the conference grows and changes and inspires me to step out of my comfort zone. Many folks aren’t aware of the terror I <used to> feel when… read more