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  • How to Assert Yourself without Burning Bridges

    How to Assert Yourself Without Burning Bridges

    You’re a blogger with a readership that is invested in your content and voice. They enjoy your insight and are influenced by the information you share. In short, you are considered an influencer, and brands have begun to take notice. They may have reached out to… read more


  • How To Make Money Pet Blogging

    pet blog

    I want to make money pet blogging. Help! This is one of the most frequently discussed topics on the BlogPaws blog, in the BlogPaws community, and to this day a topic I encounter several times a week. How to Monetize With BlogPaws In July, we dove… read more


  • 16 Ways to Become a Better Pet Blogger


    I need to blog daily. I want brands to recognize me. I want to change the way people treat animals. If any of these statements sound like something you say to yourself at least once a week, chances are you are a pet blogger. In celebration… read more


  • Burning BlogPaws Questions Answered


    by: Carol Bryant Is it worth getting involved with pet blogging and attending a BlogPaws Conference? Someone asked me that in the past few weeks, and this is a question I get time and again. Looking back at the path my career has taken and the… read more


  • How to cash in on blog content

    by: Carol Bryant Who wants to cash in on their content and make money? In these economic times (heck, and always for that matter), we need to support ourselves, earn an income, and be able to pay the bills while affording our pets and ourselves a… read more