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  • How to Be a Professional Influencer

    How to Be a Professional Influencer

    Many years ago, I wrote for a women’s lifestyle magazine a few times a year. The editor would reach out with a specific assignment, saying that if I happened to be available for such-and-such project, I was her first choice. Flattered, I eventually asked her what… read more


  • 5 Posts to Read This Weekend to Learn How to Make Money Blogging

    5 Posts to Read This Weekend to Learn How to Make Money Blogging- BlogPaws.com

    The number one question we at BlogPaws get asked time and again is: How can I make money with my blog? There’s no one way, nor is there a overnight-sensation method of earning an income with your blog. Instead, it takes consistent effort to create and… read more


  • How to Sell with Story: The Art of Storytelling and Influencer Marketing

    How to Sell with Story | BlogPaws.com

    Who here loves to sell? While I can’t see you through my monitor, I can guess that nearly everyone is shaking their heads, “Nope!” Yet for those of us who work on influencer marketing campaigns, that’s essentially what we’re hired to do: Sell either the brand or… read more


  • Fresh Ideas for Creating Influential Content: When the Same-Old Just Doesn’t Work

    Fresh Ideas for Creating Influential Content- When the Same-Old Just Doesn't Work | BlogPaws.com

    If you want to be an influencer, you need to invest time and energy on growing your influence. Sometimes one tactic doesn’t work, and you need to say, “OK, I just invested all this time and energy but my pageviews have not increased and my follower… read more


  • Tips for Taking Stand Out In-Store Photos

    Tips for Taking Stand Out In-Store Photos (Hint- Editing is key!) | BlogPaws.com

    When working on a sponsored campaign, many times the brand will ask for in-store photos. Even if they don’t, including in-store photos of the product or brand helps your readers identify and connect with the product or brand, which is sure to impress the brand you… read more


  • Paid Media vs Earned Media: What’s the difference?

    Paid Media vs Earned Media- What's the difference | BlogPaws.com

    A few weeks ago I touched on the difference between paid media and earned media when working with agencies. I want to take some time to dig into this topic to help you better understand the inner workings of influencer marketing and your role as an… read more


  • Stop Getting Jealous and Start Celebrating Other Influencers’ Successes!

    Stop Getting Jealous and Start Celebrating Other Influencers' Successes! | BlogPaws.com

    There comes a point in every influencer’s career when they see a friend land an opportunity that they wish they had. Whether that opportunity is a paid promotion of your favorite product, a trip to LA for a red carpet movie event, or a visit at your favorite… read more


  • How Influencers Work with PR and Digital Marketing Agencies

    How Influencers Work with PR and Digital Marketing Agencies | BlogPaws.com

    As an influencer, you often get contacted to work on campaigns from all different types of agencies, sometimes even multiple agencies claiming to be working on a campaign for the same brand. This can be confusing and frustrating, and can lead to hurt feelings, which is… read more


  • How Do Brands Choose Bloggers for Campaigns? Felissa Elfenbein Shares the Inside Scoop

    What do brands look for when hiring influencers?

    Curious about how brands choose the bloggers they want for a campaign? Want to know the magic formula for acing every sponsored campaign you earn? (Don’t we all!) How about some insider info on what makes the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network tick? Well, today’s your lucky… read more


  • What is Your Role in Influencer Campaigns?

    What is your role in influencer campaigns-

    Influencer marketing campaigns are a lot more complex than most realize. As an influencer, you are a piece in a larger promotional effort to create awareness about a brand or product, which hopefully influences more sales. For the overall campaign to be successful, all of the… read more