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  • Once Upon a Time In DayDreamLand

    Once Upon a Time in DayDreamLand

    Once Upon a Time in DayDreamLand, I dreamed I was a famous writer. I was probably eight or ten. I already had dozens of little stories packed away in a drawer somewhere. They were short, children’s stories. About dogs. I always wrote about having a dog.… read more


  • Tillman Exemplifies Human Animal Bond

    Last week I attended BlogPaws, a social media conference for the pet industry. The event, being held for the sixth time in 5 years, brings together manufacturers and pet-specific bloggers to not only learn about social media, but also interact, meet and learn from each other.… read more


  • Insider Scoop on the Human-Animal Bond

    Steve and dog, Scout, in the woods

    Do you have a bond with your pet? HABRI is the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative, and they are all about this shared bond and the relationship pets have with their humans. Not only does HABRI get “it” (“it” being the bond we form with our pets),… read more