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  • How to Craft the Perfect Guest Blog Pitch: 3 Tips to Land the Gig

    How to Craft the Perfect Guest Blog Pitch- 3 Tips to Land the Gig

    If you’ve been blogging for more than five minutes, I bet this form email looks awfully familiar to you: Hi there, My name is [redacted] and I’m sure you get load of people inquiring about this so I’ll just come out with it – I’d love to submit… read more


  • The How To Pitch List

    Know Your Market Before You Pitch

    A look at how-to pitch and get your content on other blogger’s blogs or blog sites, like BlogPaws. The concept of pitching a piece (story, and everything is a story) is not new. Freelancing is a time honored way to build a career and improve your… read more


  • Write for us: BlogPaws announces contributor guidelines

    Write for Us: BlogPaws Contributor Guidelines

    We are thrilled to announce that the BlogPaws blog is now accepting pitches for paid contributions! We have created a set of guidelines on how to pitch and how to write for us once your pitch has been accepted. (Clicking that link will open a PDF… read more