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  • Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Horses Rock

    horse picture

    This edition of Wordless Wednesday blog hop is going out to the horses of the world. You neigh, you trot, and today and all week, we salute you. July 15th is I Love Horses Day, so let’s use this opportunity to celebrate the horses out there.… read more


  • BlogPaws’ Daily News Bite: Horses Killed

    From the Editor’s Desk: One of our BlogPaws Community Members, Artist Vicki Boatright, known as BZTat, shared this information and her heartbreaking blog post with us to let us know of the senseless killing of two horses. They’d been shot and left to bleed to death. This… read more


  • Story: Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

    by Kristin Dewey, BlogPaws Special Projects Manager BlogPaws Community member Melanie Sue Bowles and her husband Jim have dedicated their lives to horses no one else wants. They started Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary in 1991 with five acres of land, and today it’s an award winning… read more

  • Horses Never Forget!

    by Yvonne DiVita Discovery News posted this article written by Jennifer Viegas titled, "Horses Never Forget Human Friends" and I found it so fascinating, I had to share. We don't talk about horses enough, here. (please forgive the annoying pop-up – one wonders why brands think… read more