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  • 3 Key Takeaways from the FTC’s Twitter Chat about Disclosures

    3 Key Takeaways from the FTC's Twitter Chat about Disclosures

    Last Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held a Twitter chat to answer specific questions about influencers and disclosures. BlogPaws attended to info-gather and to ask questions on behalf of our community. Here, we share three key takeaways that impact the work we do: First, check… read more


  • Breaking Down the New FTC Guidelines for Instagram

    Breaking Down the New FTC Guidelines for Instagram

    Did know you know: The FTC recently sent out more than 90 letters to influencers and marketers who weren’t disclosing their paid relationships appropriately? Disclosures are a vital piece of working online, not just because of the FTC guidelines, but because it’s an important step in… read more


  • Why Do Influencers Need to Follow Disclosure Guidelines?

    What influencers need to know about disclosures | BlogPaws.com

    As an influencer, it should be top priority for you to be following the rules and regulations of the influencer marketing industry. Hopefully you do your best to keep up with the information as it comes down from the FTC, and you aren’t dragging your feet to… read more


  • What Pet Bloggers Need to Know About the New FTC Rules

    The FTC recently tightened online disclosure requirements. BlogPaws is the pet industry’s premiere resource for education, so we went to the expert on FTC, who will also be speaking on the topic during BlogPaws’ 2013 Conference. Mary Engle brings her advertising law and rules of the… read more