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  • Bookkeeping Tips for Bloggers

    bookkeeping for pet influencers

    In this post we will cover the basics of mathematics and bookkeeping tips for pet business owners. Now, don’t run away! Believe me: If a math-phobe such as myself can talk about numbers and the basics of bookkeeping for the pet influencer, then you can calm… read more


  • Take a Fresh Approach to Networking

    Take a Fresh Approach to Networking- How can I help-

    Networking. Does that word make you shudder? For many, networking feels uncomfortable. The concept feels disingenuous, unnatural. Part of that discomfort stems from the caricature of the “always be closing” businessperson. Take a fresh approach to networking with a new mindset, one coined by Hubspot earlier this… read more


  • Freelancing 101: How To Write A Query (Pitch) Letter

    how to work conference contacts

    Whew! BlogPaws 2016 is over and it’s time to sit back and relax until BlogPaws 2017, right? Wrong! You need to not only “work” the contacts you met in Arizona, but you need to keep in touch with new friends, stay connected with current friends and… read more


  • The How To Pitch List

    Know Your Market Before You Pitch

    A look at how-to pitch and get your content on other blogger’s blogs or blog sites, like BlogPaws. The concept of pitching a piece (story, and everything is a story) is not new. Freelancing is a time honored way to build a career and improve your… read more