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  • Freelancing 101: How To Write A Press Release

    How to Write a Press Release | BlogPaws.com

    Last week I wrote about the top five reasons to write a press release. This week we will dig into the nitty gritty of how to write a press release. As a former journalist and editor of a local newspaper, and as a former public relations… read more


  • Freelancing 101: Back To Blogging Basics

    back to blogging basics

    Why is this timely? Because it’s back to school time in most areas of the country. Even if you don’t have children, or like me, your children are grown, there is still something about this time of year. For me, September is when I make my… read more


  • Freelancing 101: Back To Pet Blogging Basics

    Freelancing 101 back to pet blogging basics

    “Woohoo! I’m a pet blogger!” Do you still feel the same excitement you once felt when you introduced yourself to others at a networking event? Do you still have a thrill go through you when, at a family party, someone asks, “So what do you do?”… read more


  • Self-Care For The Stressed Out Pet Blogger

    Freelancing 101 self care for the stressed out pet blogger

    Who doesn’t feel stressed-out? Show of hands! How many of you are practicing self-care? Show of hands! I don’t see as many in answer to the second question as I did to the first. In this Freelancing 101: Self-Care for the stressed out pet blogger, we… read more


  • Freelancing 101: Stop Looking For The Magic Bullet

    Freelancing 101: Stop the self doubt.

    In a perfect world, you’d decide to become a successful pet blogger and by sheer will and your having spoken the words, it would happen. In real life, success takes time, attention to detail and stick-to-it-iveness! When it comes to pet blogging business success, you need… read more


  • Freelancing 101: Following Up After The Conference

    Following up after the conference

    You may read this headline and wonder, “What is she talking about?? The BlogPaws 2016 Conference is just starting!” What I am doing is offering you information that you can read now, mull over in your head while you’re meeting all of the fantastic speakers, sponsors, vendors… read more


  • Freelancing 101: How To Manage Your Time

    How to manage your time

    This headline–how to manage your time–is a bit of an oxymoron. Why? Because you can’t actually manage time. It ticks, ticks, ticks on regardless of what you’re doing–or not doing. All we can do, as pet blogging professionals, is to manage how we use and how… read more


  • Freelancing 101: Tips For Work From Home Pet Bloggers

    freelancing 101

    When you work from home, chances are your friends and family think you “work” from home. This means, when they have an errand to be run, a child to be watched, a dog to be walked, or a coffee to be sipped, they will call upon… read more