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  • Breaking Down the New FTC Guidelines for Instagram

    Breaking Down the New FTC Guidelines for Instagram

    Did know you know: The FTC recently sent out more than 90 letters to influencers and marketers who weren’t disclosing their paid relationships appropriately? Disclosures are a vital piece of working online, not just because of the FTC guidelines, but because it’s an important step in… read more


  • What is Social Proof?

    What is Social Proof?

    Ever happen upon a blog post that immediately inspires you to click through to learn more? Sometimes you even go a step further and pull out your credit card to make a purchase! No, the blog post doesn’t have some crazy control over you. What it did… read more


  • Promoting Yourself vs Promoting Sponsored Content

    How Promoting Yourself Affects Promoting Sponsored Content | BlogPaws.com

    If you spend any time online researching influencer marketing, you will find one thing that stands out: Traditional influencer marketing—once known as Celebrity Marketing–is on the decline. By traditional, I mean famous people being paid mega dollars to promo a product because they reach the largest… read more


  • How Influencers Work with PR and Digital Marketing Agencies

    How Influencers Work with PR and Digital Marketing Agencies | BlogPaws.com

    As an influencer, you often get contacted to work on campaigns from all different types of agencies, sometimes even multiple agencies claiming to be working on a campaign for the same brand. This can be confusing and frustrating, and can lead to hurt feelings, which is… read more


  • How Do Brands Choose Bloggers for Campaigns? Felissa Elfenbein Shares the Inside Scoop

    What do brands look for when hiring influencers?

    Curious about how brands choose the bloggers they want for a campaign? Want to know the magic formula for acing every sponsored campaign you earn? (Don’t we all!) How about some insider info on what makes the BlogPaws Pet Influencer Network tick? Well, today’s your lucky… read more


  • What is Your Role in Influencer Campaigns?

    What is your role in influencer campaigns-

    Influencer marketing campaigns are a lot more complex than most realize. As an influencer, you are a piece in a larger promotional effort to create awareness about a brand or product, which hopefully influences more sales. For the overall campaign to be successful, all of the… read more


  • What Is Influencer Marketing?

    What is influencer marketing- (And how to tell if YOU are an influencer!)

    To better understand influencer marketing, it is important to start from the beginning. We need to take a look at what influencer marketing really is. Influencer marketing identifies key individuals who hold sway over a specific target consumer. These individuals are opinion leaders who help create… read more


  • How Lifestyle Bloggers Can Engage With BlogPaws

    BlogPaws is the fastest growing group of engaged pet bloggers both online and off. As such, we attract the best and the brightest to our influencer opportunities. Brands are eager to work with dedicated pet and lifestyle bloggers through the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network.  Our… read more