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  • How and Why to Start a Facebook Group

    how to start a facebook group

    Facebook describes groups this way: “Facebook Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion.” With all of the social media tasks, activities, and chores already on your busy plate, why start a Facebook Group?” Bottom… read more


  • How to Boost a Post on Facebook

    How to do a Facebook boost

    Gone are the days of posting content on Facebook and hoping people see it. Unless your Facebook content goes viral and gets a ton of shares organically, all that hard work is going nowhere. Part of being a successful online influencer is knowing how to boost… read more


  • 15 Days of Social Media Tips for December

    15 Days of Social Media Tips For December

    Deck the halls with boughs of holly, social media la la la. With the hubbub of the busy holiday season, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could dish out 15 social media tips, say, one a day for 15 days?! Santa BlogPaws has a few social… read more


  • 13 Social Media Content Ideas That Sizzle

    Social media tips

    A frequently asked question in the BlogPaws sphere is “what can I post on social media that will get me noticed?” As an influencer in the online space, the way you grow an account is to be certain you show your account to the proper demographic/audience/reader… read more


  • Winner’s Circle Social Media Ninja Tips

    Social media tips

    BlogPaws, the first and original social media network and conference designed by and for pet bloggers, awarded its finalists for the BlogPaws 2016 Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards on June 25th in Chandler, Arizona. These are the only pet industry awards in which pet… read more


  • Hot Social Media Tips for Bloggers

    Hot Social Media Tips for Bloggers

    Every Tuesday evening from 8 to 10 pm EST, magic happens on Twitter. Except for the third Tuesday of the month, BlogPaws hosts a Twitter chat under the hashtag #BlogPawsChat. Sometimes we host a brand-sponsored event and information for pet lovers is tweeted along with prize… read more

  • 11 Things Your Facebook Page Needs Right Now

    Facebook is ever changing and growing. It’s the beast we all need and socialize on, but it also can be the biggest thorn in our sides. Nod in agreement if you feel the same way. For bloggers, having a presence on Facebook is important, especially if… read more


  • How Can I Get People to See My Content on Facebook

    Get people to see your Facebook feed

    by: Carol Bryant How can I get more reach on Facebook so that people LIKE my page and engage with me? How can I get more blog comments and actually get people to engage with me on my blog? Help me get people to see my content… read more


  • How to Get More Facebook and Blog Followers

    How can I get more reach on Facebook so that people LIKE my page and engage with me? How can I get more blog comments and actually get people to engage with me on my blog? The above are two of the most commonly asked questions… read more


  • Facebook Blogger Tips: Do More and Type Less

    by: Carol Bryant Facebook is ebbing, flowing, and changing, and as soon as we get accustomed to the look, feel, and flow of Facebook, it happens: More changes! As a blogger, I am active in social media so my daily pursuits take me to Facebook. Here… read more