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  • How to Use Personalization in Email Marketing

    Cat in man's lap | How to Use Personalization in Email Marketing

    Hey there. Hey you. Hi. Each of those are an introduction, but none are as effective as when you put in a person’s name and say, “Hi Sharlene.” Obviously, Sharlene is a placeholder for a person’s first name, but the point is that creating personalization in… read more


  • 38 Email Marketing Terms Every Pet Business Owner Should Know

    woman sitting in front of computer petting cat | 38 Email Marketing Terms Every Pet Business Owner Should Know

    Contrary to what some may think, email marketing is NOT dead. In fact, it is one of the best ways to grow and nurture your audience. That being said, with all the email marketing terms that are tossed around, it’s easy to feel lost.  What’s a… read more


  • Email automation: Create a Welcome Sequence

    Small dog on desk with woman and coffee at computer for Email Automation

    Each business operating online is trying to grow their audience, which usually means growing an email list and nurturing that list with email automation. Automating a welcome sequence is a great way to ensure you connect with your new subscriber immediately to introduce yourself, your company,… read more


  • 12 Emails to Add to Your Email Marketing Plan in 2021

    Woman's hand with email envelopes coming out of it and into a computer screen

    Running a small pet business meaning sending emails. Sometimes a LOT of emails. In order to maximize the impact your emails have it’s important to consider adding different types of emails to your email marketing plan. Most small pet businesses we work with have figured out… read more


  • How to Use Lead Magnets to Grow an Email List

    woman sitting on floor with laptop and cat | How to Use Lead Magnets to Grow an Email List

    *Updated: July 19, 2022 Grab my download of 50 Tips to Puppy Proof Your Home! Click here for a free ebook to help your adult cat adjust to a new kitten! These are examples of lead magnets: You promise the reader something in exchange for a… read more


  • The Anatomy of an Effective Blog Newsletter

    The Anatomy of an Effective Blog eNewsletter | BlogPaws.com

    You’ve done it. Creating a stellar blog was no small task. You have now become the king or queen of your domain (literally). Now, keeping your steady following of people engaged in your blog is the next step to blogging success. Social media is one really… read more


  • The Etiquette of Email Communication

    Email Etiquette

    This post is not about email marketing, although the advice can easily apply to email marketing messages. I’m sharing this today because we are a digital society. We communicate via social media and email more than we do face-to-face, it seems. As an introvert, I do… read more


  • How to Get More Blog Traffic with Email Marketing

    If you blog, what is one thing you forever wish for and we all could really use on a regular basis? Readers, right? Crystal Gouldey of Perkasie (about an hour from Philadelphia), Pennsylvania, knows a thing or two about how to get more readers. Through the… read more