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  • 15 Creative Hacks for Coming up With Blog Ideas (Even When Your Brain is Fried)

    15 Creative Hacks for Coming up With Blog Ideas (Even When Your Brain is Fried)

    Why is that sometimes you’re bursting with more amazing ideas than you can even contain, and at others you can’t come up with an original thought to save your life? The secret to having a constant arsenal of fresh ideas is to make your life your… read more


  • How to Be Creative Instantly

    How to Be Creative Instantly - BlogPaws.com

    When I taught writing to college freshmen, almost every incoming student said the same thing: “I can’t write.” Why? The inevitable answer: “Because I’m not creative.” I hear this from bloggers, too. “I wish I could X, but I’m not creative enough.” Friends, I’m here to tell… read more


  • How to Follow the Rules of Blogging While Staying Authentic

    How to Follow the Rules of Blogging and Stay True to Your Voice and Audience | BlogPaws.com

    “Everyone’s post said the exact same thing.” “Who’s the leader? Everyone looks like a follower.” “I haven’t been reading blogs lately because they’ve seemed so, I don’t know, boring.” Yikes. These are comments paraphrased from a recent discussion about sponsored posts. I don’t think there’s one… read more


  • 10 Creative Blog Prompts (Don’t worry. “New Year, New You” isn’t one!)

    The first week of 2017 is in the bag! Fifty one to go! It seems like weeks two and three of any new year start to lag. Those “new year, new you” posts lose their luster, and you might be feeling down if you already missed… read more


  • 10 Creative Blog Prompts for December

    10 Creative Blog Prompts for December - BlogPaws.com

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful! At least… it’s starting to get frightful in some places! As the cold sets in, it’s a good time to come inside, warm up, and make progress on your blog. Settle in front of a crackling fire with your laptop… read more


  • 10 Blogging Prompts for Creative Inspiration

    10 Blogging Prompts for Creative Inspiration for Shorter Days | BlogPaws.com

    As the days get shorter, I find myself zapped of energy earlier and earlier each dark afternoon. Sometimes it feels like fewer daylight hours result in fewer blog post ideas. Does anyone else feel that way? I pulled out my brainstorm notes and jotted this list… read more


  • Summer Reading List for Bloggers

    Hello, August! Can you believe that fall begins next month and all the kiddos are heading back to school? Here at BlogPaws, we have been busy working behind the scenes this summer as we prepare for the launch of our new Social Learning Center. We’re going “Back to… read more


  • 10 Summer Blogging Prompts

    10 Summer blogging prompts

    We’re now two full weeks into summer! While it’s supposed to be the “lazy days of summer,” that’s never been the case for me or my family. Summer gets packed full of plans and activities and trips and fun. All good things, of course, but sometimes… read more


  • Change Your Routine: Wake Up Your Pet Blogging Productivity

    Post by Blog Manager Robbi Hess I love working from home. I love the freedom that comes with not having to answer to a boss if I want to make a grocery store run or talk on the phone with a friend or take Henrietta, the… read more

  • I Want To Be A Writer, But…

    By Guest Blogger Robbi Hess “I want to be a writer, but…” I hear this from many writers every time I speak at a conference. Believe me, I know how BIG the BUT can be — I’ve been there, done that and unfortunately when it comes… read more