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  • How to Create Strategies for Content Marketing Based on Pet Trends

    woman sipping coffee at desk with computer and cat on lap

    Chances are, you didn’t get into the pet industry to think about strategies for content marketing. You either have a passion for pets, a desire to change the face of the industry, or great ideas for the future of pet care and ownership that needs to… read more


  • Unique Selling Propositions for Influencers

    Unique Selling Propositions for Influencers

    Yes, you love blogging and social media. It’s fun; you love to write, and readers love to read what you’ve written. But have you thought about what sets you apart from other bloggers? And, more importantly, what is your long-term vision for your blog? What Do… read more


  • 12 Summer Blog Starter Ideas

    12 Summer Blog Starter Ideas

    While the official start to summer is right around the corner (June 21), it sure feels like summer in many places! So, to kick off the warm-and-sunny season, here are a dozen summer blog starter ideas to get those creative juices flowing: Collab on a blog… read more


  • Fresh Ideas for Creating Influential Content: When the Same-Old Just Doesn’t Work

    Fresh Ideas for Creating Influential Content- When the Same-Old Just Doesn't Work | BlogPaws.com

    If you want to be an influencer, you need to invest time and energy on growing your influence. Sometimes one tactic doesn’t work, and you need to say, “OK, I just invested all this time and energy but my pageviews have not increased and my follower… read more


  • How to Grow Your Blog (Even When Traffic is Slow)

    How to Grow Your Blog (even when traffic is slow)

    This week’s #BlogPawsChat was all about the summer slump… and how to beat it! This time of year blog traffic dips. Social engagement slows. It’s part of the natural cycle since everyone’s out enjoying the beautiful weather! Don’t let it slow YOU down, though! This past Tuesday’s… read more