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  • 8 Social Media Tips at Live Events

    Here are 8 tips for connecting on social media during a live event

    You’re about to attend a conference or live event…as in in-person, in the flesh, nose-to-nose, and face-to-face. Though you want to be networking and spending quality time talking to attendees, hobnobbing with brands, and exchanging business cards in person, a social media action plan is pivotal… read more


  • How to Remotely Partake in #BlogPaws 2016

    It’s here! The 8th #BlogPaws Conference kicks officially kicks off, Thursday, June 23, at the beautiful Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Resort in Chandler, Arizona. Though the temps are high outside, the real magic and heat takes place inside. Want to partake remotely? Read on. If you are… read more


  • Your Conference Survival Guide: A Roundup of Conference Networking Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

    Your networking survival guide

    Pet bloggers and social influencers from around the world land in Phoenix a week from today for this year’s BlogPaws conference. (There are few tickets left if you’re interested! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!) Even if you’re not attending, and especially if you are, brush up… read more


  • Make Each Session a Win-Win at BlogPaws 2016

    It all starts with a kiss

    Question: How do you make each session a win-win at BlogPaws 2016? Answer: You make a plan. We’ve talked about plans before. You’ve been instructed to create a business plan for your blog and to consider the concept of a daily plan for your work. Now I… read more